August 1

Day 124 Just Pete Tentsite to Baker Peak Tentsite (19.9 miles) 1663.0 miles total

The vistas keep getting more expansive and scenic in VT. I wish I could tell you what the peaks are but I can’t. If I were to take a guess, I’d say peak on left is Stratton Mtn. I do know that I’m on Spruce Peak.


Hitched a ride into Manchester Center for some supplies and lunch. Took a while to get a ride in and almost a half hour to get one back out.

Hitching seems to be getting tougher in New England. It’s either the mindset of people around here or the fact that I look much more like a hobo/crazed serial killer.

Last part of hike up Bromley Mtn was on a ski slope. Made me think of some good ski trips with the likes Jay, Doobie, Worm, Von, Smitty, Army, Head and Lars. Fondly remembered kicking your butts! Pretty sure I could stay in a tuck for quite a while right now.


This is from the top of Bromley. Once again, I think it’s Stratton in the background. I know from Stratton I could see ski slopes so I’m slightly confident it actually is Stratton.


This is from top of Styles Peak. Got a little trim of beard around nose and mouth in Bennington. Was blocking my nostrils and getting in mouth when I chewed. Barber really wanted to trim beard a little. Told him I didn’t want to look too groomed. He said “You don’t have to worry about that”!

Hat is getting to be like baseball cap that’s been worn all season. Some permanent salt marks.


Damn! I thought we were finished with Rocksylvania. Climb up rocks to top was about 3x this. Not fun when you’ve already hiked 18 miles.


Incredible view from Baker Peak made it almost worth the effort. Not sure what that peak is but pretty sure not Stratton.


I set up my tent about a half mile past the peak. Tired!

If all goes well tomorrow, will meet Skaare at a road crossing, have lunch, go back and hike 7 more miles, and he’ll pick me up near Rutland.

Happy trails!

3 thoughts on “August 1

  1. Your pictures today are great. You look better with your beard trimmed around your mouth and nostrils!! Funny comment from the barber. Bet it will be fun to see Jerry and have some breaks. Have fun together. Love, MOM


  2. Pete maybe we need to have Earl put together a Colorado trip for the boys for old time’s. Was at Steamboat last not the same, no out of control racing down hill. Enjoying your adventure form my office.


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