August 3

Day 126 VT 140 to Robinson Brook (12.6 miles) 1689.4 miles total

If I can walk 1690 miles then I can walk 500 more. Making progress! I can remember when I had walked 500 miles and had 1690 to go. Like this much better!

12.6 mile hike today was relatively easy. Only took 4 3/4 hours. Light pack helps.

View of Rutland Airport.


Met a SOBO (hiking ME to GA) today who anxiously told me he had just seen a bear and 2 cubs. I excitedly said “Cool. Where at?” He said wasn’t response he was expecting but were heading up mountain 2 to 3 minutes ago. Unfortunately I didn’t see them.

Came out of forest to a gravel road. Sherpa waiting. Nice to finish and have cold Mountain Dew! We met another NOBO, Giggles, who had started her hike on April 1. Day after my start.

Had good dinner, a few beers, and played trivia game at bar. Team Sherpa and Just Pete won a round but choked in finals with $50 gift card on the line.


Tomorrow’s hike will begin with climb up and over Killington. Sherpa and I will meet at another gravel road. At least this one has a name!

Happy trails!

3 thoughts on “August 3

  1. Keep a truckin’!!!!!!! So nice of Jerry to meet up with you ……..what happened to you brainiaks that you choked??????!!!


  2. I am sitting nect to Alice this am. She left a pledge at SDM for $100.00 She is alwsys interested in your hike and wants to wish you good luck.


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