August 4

Day 127 Robinson Brook to River Road (17.0 miles) 1706.4 miles total

You guys have pledged almost $27 for each mile I hike. We’re over $45,000 now and will be close to $60,000 for charities when I finish. Utterly amazing. Thanks so much for your support.

Rained a bit in mountains last night. Trail a bit wet and muddy.

Hiked with the “If I could hike 500 miles” song going through my head. Even sang (maybe more like chanted) it aloud a few times.

Sherpa met me at a road crossing 11 miles into hike. Took a half hour break. Slugged down 2 Mountain Dews, a Coke, and a tortilla stuffed with jerky. This eating/drinking whatever you want and can is way cool!

VT has been really weird in one aspect. There are no animals. I’ve not seen a deer. Pretty sure haven’t even seen a squirrel. Rare to hear a bird. It’s a bit eerie and almost feels like I’m in a Stephen King movie.

Below is Thundering Falls. Picture makes it look like a river but was a quite impressive waterfall. Comes down a rock face.

Staying in Killington tonight. Ate dinner at an interesting place, Back Behind Restaurant and BBQ. Good food, cold beer, and very nice staff and owners.

Rain forecast for most of day tomorrow. If that doesn’t change will zero and play tourist. Sherpa has wheels. Those car things come in real handy sometimes.

Happy trails!

5 thoughts on “August 4

  1. I am sure you are enjoying your sherpa. Wheels do come in handy!!! Got a check in the mail today from Audrey DeVries for $100.00. Thought that was very nice. I will thank her. It will go to Sun Dial. I always love your pictures and always wait for the daily blog. Stay safe, wish for good hiking. Love, MOM


  2. That light at the end of the tunnel is NOT a train!! YAY for you…Glad you had some wheels & company.. Love the daily’s!! Stay focused & stay safe!!
    Keep on Truckin!!


  3. Keep track of what you see and do not see…you will be in Stephen King territory before you know it! Can’t believe you only have one state left after VT! Woohoo!


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