August 6

Day 129 River Rd to Woodstock Stage Rd (20.3 miles) 1726.7 miles total

I’ve come across 2 places where there were metal rungs anchored in the rocks to facilitate climbing. Today was the first time there was a ladder. I was heading down. Not sure how that would have worked if ladder not there.

Got temporarily disoriented for a bit today. Long, complicated story but I walked an extra half mile or so. Hate when that happens!

Hiked up and over hill below. Very close to a small ski area called Suicide Six. Bit of a strange name.

Pretty nice to come out of woods at end of hike and have Sherpa there with ice cold sodas and a ride. Easy to get spoiled.

Hoping to reach NH, or pretty darn close, tomorrow. Working on getting myself psyched up for White Mountains. Will be there in a few days.

Happy trails!

3 thoughts on “August 6

  1. Did a “Google” on Suicide Six in Vermont, the Ski Resort – adding a comment from the web:
    Bertram once joked that to ski down the nearby Hill No. 6 would be suicide. Two years later the resort was opened using this name and photos of Bertram can be seen in the resort museum in the base lodge. (1934?)


  2. You’ll do fine for n the white mountains. Funny I thought Sherpa was wanting to help you thru them. Maybe I’ve got that wrong. Carry on Pete. I’ve got faith in you!


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