August 7

Day 130 Woodstock Stage Rd to Hanover, NH (21.0 miles) 1747.7 miles total

Crossed The Connecticut River into NH today.  Just NH and ME left to go!

Looking back at Suicide Six Ski Area.  If you want the 411 on name, read Dick Mallery’s comment yesterday.  Thanks, Dick!


Was thinking today would be nice, easy stroll. Not…until last 2.5 miles. That was on streets and roads through Norwich, VT and into Hanover, NH.

One of first houses entering Norwich had a cooler by road marked “Trail Magic”. Cooler seemed very light so I assumed empty this late in day. Didn’t even open but lady out stacking firewood at house said there should be watermelon. There was. Refreshing treat!


Hanover, NH is home of Dartmouth University. Craving a soda after 21 miles so asked a young lady near campus where closest convenience store is. She said I could go into student union and get a soda. I asked if a homeless looking guy could just walk in. She chuckled and said “Yes, we’re non-judgmental.” I walked 2 blocks to Circle K instead. Had a Mountain Dew while waiting for Sherpa to pick me up.


Sherpa did a little hiking himself today. He drove an hour and half to Mt Stratton, VT’s highest point. He’s trying to get to as many state high points as can so figured to knock off while here.

He was able to drive within 1.5 miles of top. From there, pretty tough walk to top and back. His knees were barking and was walking like me when he picked me up!

Sherpa leaves tomorrow so back to reality. About 50 miles to White Mountains where things really get real.

Happy trails!

4 thoughts on “August 7

  1. Thanks to Jerry for spending time with you. Now take your time going through the White Mts. and be careful. I am so happy thinking you are really on the downhill slide now. Don’t get over anxious and try to do too much. Love from, MOM


  2. Just reread the hardest sections of the AT. You are heading to two hard sections, make sure you have planned it out well, cause camping spots sound like there aren’t many and the ones fill up quickly. I am worried about the weather too, you don’t have a jacket now do you? Didn’t you send it home? Think about how weather can change. I will be so happy and relieved when you are finished. Love, MOM


  3. Hello Pete…you don’t know me, but my daughter, Lauren Pinckney, is good friends with Keri. Keri stayed with us recently (we are in Bel Air, MD), and told us of your adventure and travels of the AT! I have been following you since and am amazed of your travels. I enjoy reading your posts. Wishing you safe travels to the end. You are an amazing person…what a bucket list you have. Thanks for the interesting updates! Happy trails! Tina Pinckney


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