August 8

Day 131 Hanover, NH to Dead Tired Tentsite (15.5 miles) 1763.2 miles total

Carol, thanks for the use of your sherpa, I mean husband, for the past several days. Good to catch up, drink some beers, have a few laughs, and knock out some miles with a friend of more than 50 years. Thanks, Skaare! Now about that splitting out wide thing…

Sherpa and I parted ways shortly after 10AM. Had to wait for a sporting goods store to open in Hanover (cool town). Needed new sock liners (thin sock under wool sock). Original 2 pairs had holes in toes. Only lasted 1750 miles!

Dartmouth may be smarter than Northern State University but I’m pretty sure we draw a bigger crowd for football games.


Hitched a ride into Etna, NH for lunch. Small town 0.8 miles from trail. General Store with a deli. Great sandwiches, etc.

Had lunch with Subway. He is Irish and a retired police officer from Stoney Brook, NY. I’ve seen him on and off for a couple weeks. Spent more than an hour chatting. Nice guy. We both have noticed significantly fewer “old guys” since New England.

Out of Etna is a climb up to Moose Mtn.


After Moose Mtn was a steep climb to Holts Ledge. I stopped to tent shortly before top. I was beat and guide book mentioned “precipitous drop-off” at peak. Thought it prudent to not be dead tired while going over!

Finding a flat spot to tent on a steep part of a mountain is nearly impossible. This is my most uneven spot yet!

Hoping to get started into Whites on Friday. Right now, weather to then sounds good.

Happy trails!

3 thoughts on “August 8

  1. Making serious progress, Pete! The views are incredible. What journey!! The Maselli’s are up north this week. We were chatting about you and how awesome you are. Sending you strength and safety vibes. :0)


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