August 13

Day 136 Kinsman Notch to Lonesome Tentsite (12.9 miles) 1813.3 miles total

I hiked for 8.5 hours today. Normally I would make close to 20 miles in that time. This is very difficult hiking. Long, steep, rocky, boggy ups and downs.

This view is from Mt Wolf (3478′).

Trail in VT and NH is permanently muddy in spots. Lots of rock hopping through puddles, mud, and now bogs (muddy puddles).

Only fell twice today. No injuries, but left thigh still a bit sore. One fall was the garden variety slip on a wet rock and land on my butt. The other would have been hysterical if I’d have been watching happen to someone else.

I was hopping rock to rock through a large, boggy area. The soupy muck was about 6″ deep. Made a big hop and teetered on the next rock for quite a bit trying to catch my balance. Finally realized…I’m going down! Splash! Now covered in mud on left side of body. Left arm, shirt, shorts, socks, even beard…wet mud. Not good when 6 more days to next town and shower/laundry!

Didn’t come across any good streams or ponds to rinse off in so I just let the mud dry and brushed off as much as I could.

These pics are from South Kinsman Mtn (4358′). Also crossed North Kinsman Mtn (4293′). 360 degree view of mountain after mountain.

The mud crash was relatively early in day. If I could make 16.3 miles today would hit a road and possibly I could get to town for shower. Soon realized that probably wasn’t happening.

Ended up tenting just short of Lonesome Lake Hut. You have to be at a Hut at about 3PM to get a work for stay. Too late for that.

Tomorrow will go over Little Haystack Mtn (4800′), Mt Lincoln (5089′), Mt Lafayette (5263′), and Mt Garfield (4458′). Hoping to make 13.7 miles

Happy trails!

6 thoughts on “August 13

  1. Whaaa,no selfie of half Just Pete & half bogman? Glad you didn’t hurt yourself..
    Hope you find a pond or something to take a dip,rinse off & refresh the soul.
    Be careful & Keep on Truckin…


  2. I bet you hated falling in that muck! Hope sometime soon you will be able to at least rinse off some of the gunk. I suppose falling must quite common with all the wet places. Please be careful of those places. Stay safe and unhurt. Love from, MOM


  3. Beautiful pictures! Hang in there, the end is near! I am so impressed and amazed at the elevations you are climbing!!! Be safe, stay well and see you soon!


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