August 12

Day 135 Kinsman Notch. Zero day 1800.4 miles total

Turns out fall that tweaked knee actually hurt thigh. Had slipped with right foot which shot straight ahead. Landed sitting on heel of left foot with knee pointed straight ahead.

First fall early in hike was exact same thing. Apparently this one stretched my quad more than it’s designed for. Lower thigh is sore but seems better. Knee OK.

Didn’t miss hiking through clouds on tops of mountains today.

Zero day gave me some time to plan out hike through Whites. Next town, Gorham, NH is 91 miles away. Probably take a week.

Have a reservation at Mitzpah Spring Hut (50 miles) for Wednesday night. The Appalachian Mountains Club operates a series of Huts (about 10 of them) through the Whites. For $130 you get a bank, dinner, and breakfast. Hold about 100 people and are usually booked.

Mitzpah Spring Hut is 6 miles before Mt Washington so at least I’ll eat good before tackling the beast of the northeast!

The Huts offer work for stay for thru-hikers. You wash dishes (or some other chore) for a couple hours and get leftovers from guest dining and a space to sleep on dining room floor. Can’t mingle with guests but it’s free. Take 2 or 3 hikers per day at each Hut. I may try it just so I can say I did.

Happy trails!

3 thoughts on “August 12

  1. Your journey through the Whites sounds interesting, as well as challenging, One would think it would be difficult NOT to mingle with the guests, especially when they find out you are a through hiker, and they strike up the conversation. Enjoy your Zero day – Harvesting in Roberts and Day counties, Raining off and on. Rain has really helped the beans and corn.


  2. Enjoy your “day off” and hopefully you’ll mend a bit before the next stretch. Good luck with the volunteer duty!!


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