August 18

Day 141 Osgood Tentsite to Pinkham Notch (4.7 miles) 1870.4 miles total

Started raining early this AM. Cold, wet hike down to Pinkham Notch. Saw a couple SOBO’s. Felt sorry for them as they were heading up into worse weather.

Was able to get a ride from there into Gorham with several other wet hikers. Was planning on getting to Gorham on Saturday…just from 21 miles further up trail. Good news is hotel and much needed shower and laundry. Finally rid of muck from bog fall.

Rain off and on tomorrow. Will be zeroing. Weather sounds good for Sunday and Monday.

Happy trails!

3 thoughts on “August 18

  1. Wow, you made it thru the worst weather in the world! Today is a well-earned day of recuperation, so you’ll be renewed going forward. You continue to amaze and inspire us all! And you’re on the downhill side of your goal, and you’re making generous funds for your worthy charities. You Rock!!!
    Susan and Bob


  2. The terrain you’re hiking looks similar to the “Fourteeners” here in Colorado. Tough to say the least. Hang in there! Finished by the end of pre-season?? Earlybird


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