August 19

Day 142 Gorham, NH Zero Day 1870.4 miles total

Ended up not raining as much as expected. Could have hiked but once I’ve committed mentally to a zero day there’s no changing.

Golf course across street from motel. Cruel and unusual punishment.

Before I started this trek my goal was to raise $50,000 for the charities I’m hiking for. Thanks to your incredible generosity we’ve already surpassed that and will raise more than $60,000 before I finish. Simply amazing. Thanks so very much!

Met Indy, a 2010 thru-hiker, over a beer. Fun conversation about places along the trail. We both agreed that this hike is 90% hard work and not a lot of fun but the other 10% makes it worth it.

Weather supposed to be good next couple of days. Hoping to be out of Whites in 2 days and in Andover, ME in 4.

Happy trails!

3 thoughts on “August 19

  1. Great to talk to you yesterday. You sounded good and I hope you got rested up for your hike today. I know it must be fun to talk to someone who has already done the AT and compare thoughts. I am sure you can see light at the end of the tunnel. Stay safe, you are almost done. Love You, MOM


  2. Keep a truckin’. Always glad to read when you have a zero day as I know you get a little rest and maybe a shower!!!!!! Almost done❤️


  3. You deserve these zero days and great you have a chance to chat with fellow finishers!!! Serious count down now Jeff!! Your golf clubs miss you!!!!!


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