August 17

Day 140 Mitzpah Spring Hut to Osgood Tentsite (14.9 miles) 1865.7 miles total

The Hut had about 60 guests last night. Slept in bunk room with 7 others. Thankfully only one fairly mild snorer. My air mattress in tent is more comfortable than wooden bunk.

Had a great breakfast: oatmeal, coffee cake, eggs, bacon, and hot chocolate. Gorged once again.

Good thing I was well fed because today’s hike was a physical challenge.


Had to cross the Presidential Range above tree line for 12 miles. That means open to the elements and no tenting (fragile ecosystem and dangerous). No choice but to go 15 miles.

Crossed Mt Pierce (4312″) and Mt Franklin (5014′) and wind was howling. Had to be close to 40 miles sustained and cold. Put gloves on for just second time of entire trip.

Also skirted summits of Mt Eisenhower and Mt Madison in the 5 miles to Lake of Clouds Hut. Stopped in there for some hot chocolate and to warm up.


1.6 miles and 1150′ elevation to Mt Washington (6288′). That wouldn’t be bad on a calm, sunny day. Today we are in clouds and cold wind will get worse.

As you leave Hut there is a sign warning to stop if weather bad because of possibility of death.

It was an insane hike up. If wind was from side it would practically blow you off trail. Into it I just put my head down and leaned forward. With it was the craziest. Would go faster than I wanted over rocks. Couldn’t see top through clouds until I was right there.


50 mph sustained winds with gusts to 70 and wind chill low 30’s at top. Plus it’s kind of drizzly because you’re in cloud.

They did have a snack bar (slice of pizza and bowl of chili). They also had a hiker lounge in the basement with some tables, electrical outlets, and bathrooms.


Only 9 miles to go. Most above tree line and above 5000′.


Passed Madison Spring Hut at 4:30. Only 3.1 miles to go and one big climb over Mt Madison (5366′).

This is looking North fro Mt Madison. I’m going north so should be going north into that flat expanse but nooo. We gotta go south so we can stay in mountains. Like to talk to the folks that devised that. You know they were laughing!


Late in the day Mt Washington is still in clouds. If you zoom in on left third of pic you may see a road. You can take a cog train to top or drive. People buy “My car made it up Mt Washington bumper stickers”. I say try walking!



Hoping to make it to Gorham. NH in 2 days. Really need to do laundry and resupply. That will be a week since last!

Happy trails!


9 thoughts on “August 17

  1. We’ve been to top of Mt Washington. Very cold and windy. Couldn’t stand up very well. Cog railway looked scary I thought.


  2. I did Mt. Washington once on my motorcycle. Going up wasn’t very pleassant, but coming down was down right scary. I felt as if I were to look to my left off in the distance I might drive off the mountain. The road bed was comprised of loose material that made it even more uncomfortable. I can say I did it once but won’t ever again. March on Just Pete!


  3. What a day you had yesterday. All I can say is I am glad that part is done. What is next for you??? You just continue to amaze me at your perseverance, determination, and grit!! So proud of all you have done so far. You are a hero around here for sure. Safe hiking. Love from, MOM


  4. Years ago I hiked Mt Washington beginning to top in 2.5 hours…we had no choice! When we arrived they told us we had a short window to get up before it closed. I remember the entire hike was nothing but fog and drizzle and no stopping but I do remember the hut by the pond on the way. Thank God we had someone to pick us up at the top! Keep it up Pete!


  5. Pete you are getting closer it’s been a very long haul your going to make it everyday your getting closer thanks for the updates i read them every day Darlene and Wayne

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