August 20

Day 143 Pinkham Notch to Carter Mtn Tentsite (12.4 miles) 1882.8 miles total

No taxi or shuttle service in Gorham so have to hitch 11 miles back to trail. Not having much luck until I got to convenience store half mile up road. Ran into 3 hikers (Scalliwag, Giggles, and Juan Gone) who I’ve seen since VT. They were getting a ride from a former hiker, Base Weight, who lives in Gorham. Made room for me also.

I really don’t care to see another rock in my lifetime. The ups over rock I can handle. The downs are just plain dangerous and scary.


Today’s hike was mostly up and across Wildcat Mtn and Wildcat Mtn Ski Area.

Pic below is looking back down to Pinkham Notch, today’s starting point.


Hiked over Wildcat Mtn peaks A, C, D, and E. Bummed we missed B…not!


Starting to get close to end of Whites. They’ve been as advertised and as much as this old guy can handle.


The final Hut I’ll pass, Carter Notch Hut, is located near this lake.


Stopped in for a bowl of soup. They have soup and baked goods for sale to hikers passing through during the day. Nice break.


Not sure exactly where Whites end but I think it’s about 7 miles from where I am tonight. Hope I can get back to 16-20 mile days soon.

Happy trails!


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