August 21

Day 144 Carter Mtn Tentsite to US 2 (8.7 miles) 1891.5 miles total

Good news is I’ve got fewer than 300 miles to go and I’m finished with the Whites. Bad news is only 8.7 miles today.

Just didn’t have much in the tank after really difficult late afternoon yesterday and early morning today.


Hoping that short day refreshes legs.


16.5 miles of NH left. Expecting to be in ME tomorrow.


Hate days like today. Very frustrating. I don’t think anything is wrong physically so expecting tomorrow to be better.

Happy trails!

4 thoughts on “August 21

  1. Hang in there, Pete! Congrats on getting the Whites behind you.

    I know you’re already looking forward to doing the AT again next summer but just concentrate on finishing this one, would ya? Maine is beckoning!

    Take care — proud of you!


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