August 28

Day 151 ME 4 to Lone Mtn Tentsite (16.5 miles) 1985.9 miles total

I really love hitchhiking. I’ve met the nicest people and had great conversations (which you need out here now and then). Today Marge and Don, a retired couple who live on Moosawhatever Lake, picked me up in Rangeley and drove me 9 miles to trail.

They used to do a lot of hiking in this area. Knew where I’d been through the Whites and a lot of Maine. Marge knew Mitzpah Spring Hut and many other Huts that I stopped in through the Whites.

Looking back at Rangeley Lake.


Some pretty good climbing today. Started morning at 1800′ and headed to 4120′ in less than 6 miles.


Up ahead is top of Stone Mtn, I think. There were a lot of false summits. You think you’re there but…no!

Above tree line they will paint white blazes on rocks or use these cairns to mark trail. I try not to leave one without being able to see next or something ahead. Believe it or not, you could get temporarily disoriented up here.


From Stone Mtn to The Horn. Down about 500′ and right back up to 4021′.


Over The Horn, down about 1000′, and back up to Saddleback Junior.


That was the first 5 hours (9.3 miles) of my day. How was yours?

Rest of day was down into valley and then up to Lone Mountain (3260′).


Terrain is still tough but very hikable.

Happy trails!

11 thoughts on “August 28

  1. We missed you last night. A good portion of the TT group assembled at MSP to welcome your lovely wife into town. We were discussing your current facial hair and decided you best get several estimates when it’s time for removal. I’ve got “dibs” on anything of value that may be found in there! :^) Keep it up!


  2. Just Jeff,
    My son said to tell you that if you walk back to Georgia we will pick you up, so you don’t have to hitch a ride home!


  3. Can you remind us of how we can donate to your charities? I want to donate to the Bristol nursing home. You’re doing an amazing job! I have a massage business in Madison , SD…. If you come this way, I’d be happy to give you a complimentary massage! That should sound pretty good about now!

    Keep up the good hiking!
    Grace Lonning

    Sent from my iPad


  4. Your days are certainly more adventurous than most of ours. I wonder if you’ll get bored at home just golfing and heading to the waves?
    The next time you see a hitchhiker, I wonder if you’ll reflect on all the nice people you’ve met along the way. Guess looks can be deceiving!!


  5. Such a great feat to accomplish! You must have a good feeling about finishing such a grueling hike. Happy trails to you just Pete


  6. Yep. Had a good time last night. It’s so nice to have Kris back at the lake. Missed you though! You were the topic of conversation as Bill vividly described!
    Hang in there. The end is so close. You are amazing! What will we do without your blog to read every day? Maybe a movie in the future…
    See you soon!!


  7. It wasn’t that long ago that I can remember discussing your hike when referring to books we have read about the trail. Now, you are 189 miles to go. Incredible. “Advertise your goals”.

    Nice work sensei


  8. Woot! Woot! The finish line is just over a few more mountains. Everyone at Sun Dial and Bristol, SD is so proud of you! Just think of the stories you will tell. Amazing!!!😁


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