August 29

Day 152 Lone Mtn Tentsite to ME 27, Stratton, ME (15.7 miles) 2001.6 miles total

Couple big milestones today: more than 2000 miles hiked and less than 200 miles to go!

This plaque, near Spaulding Mtn, commemorates the completion of the final section of the AT from GA to ME. Few miles shorter 80 years ago.


It’s been chilly early AM’s. Low 40’s. Been very fortunate with weather in ME. Hasn’t rained for about 10 days. Makes the muddy/boggy areas more fordable.

image1 (5)

Not that I should need reminding but this reminded me that mountains are really just giant rocks and rock piles.

image2 (3)

Had lunch along this stream with Shades (been hiking around him last 2 days) and Lil’ Wayne. She is 23 and came on trail to hike for 2 months. She loved it so much, she’s now hiked 1000 miles.

image3 (2)

3 good climbs today then 5 miles down to road. Hitched a ride 5 miles into Stratton. Small town full of hikers. Saw many I knew or recognized, including Goddess.


Before I started this trek, I would tell people that I’d never hiked. Now have to say never hiked before this. 2000 miles. Holy crap! That’s about 4,500,000 steps…just on the trail.


Will be going over the Bigelows tomorrow. Only about a half dozen big climbs before Kathadin.

Happy trails!

11 thoughts on “August 29

  1. Hi Pete – – Congratulations on hitting 2000 miles!!! Stay strong and healthy for the final miles. You’ve got this!! Love reading about your journey every day. Happy trails!! Vicki


  2. Really wish I could have made it to watch you finish this adventure up! Hope the storms around the area pass you bye! you deserve to finish up with some nice weather! DennyP


  3. Love reading your posts and I am REALLY happy that you are so close to the finish. You are the topic of conversation every morning at coffee and other places around town. A hometown hero. How do you stock up on supplies for the 100 mile wilderness? Great pictures again. Take care, stay safe. Love You, MOM


  4. Super milestones!! Ditto to everyone else’s accolades!! We’re all incredibly proud of you Just Pete. I wonder if you’ll remain in contact with of your fellow hikers?


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