August 30

Day 153 ME 27 to Flagstaff Lake Tentsite (17.1 miles) 2018.7 miles total

Lots of good climbs and good views this AM. This view is from South Horn towards Bigelow Mtn and Avery Peak. Little Bigelow Mtn is at very right. Yes, we walked over that.


The views are incredible in every direction.


Hiking near group of about 10-12 youngins. I’m twice as old as most but I hold my own pretty well…most of the time.


From the top of Avery Peak. Not sure what body of water is but it’s huge.


Took a tumble late in PM. Some folks up ahead must have heard it as yelled back to ask if OK. Meekly replied yes as I inventoried body parts. Right pinky dislocated. Fortunately, through sports, I’ve seen that before…just not to me. Couple pulls and popped back into place.

Easy Going, Drankle, Twinkle Toes and their dog, Kenya, were waiting up ahead. Asked if I was OK. Said if you consider dislocated finger OK, then yes. Told them I had popped it back in place and Easy Going said “Just Pete is just a bad ass”. That made me feel a little better!


Tented on the lake shore. Pretty but cold and damp.


Have to cross Kennebec River tomorrow afternoon. ATC provides ferry service across but stops at 2PM.?? May have to try to hitch a boat ride across because won’t get there until about 4.

Happy trails!

3 thoughts on “August 30

  1. Yikes, popping your pinky back into place gave me the shivers. Your pictures are awesome. Love the lake one, so calm. Can’t believe you are so close to the end. I know you must be thinking the same. Keep a’truckin and you will be at the finish soon. Stay safe. Love from, MOM


  2. Hope your finger is okay. Lake looks like it might be Flagstaff Lake in the photo. (No knowledge, just curiosity and google…)


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