August 31

Day 154 Flagstaff Lake Tentsite to US 201, Caratunk, ME (19.9 miles) 2038.6 miles total

Tenting on the lake was very scenic but also very cold and damp. Probably don’t need to do that again.

Decided to hike to Kennebec River today. Knew I would get there after ferry closes at 2:00. Plan to meet Drinkle and Twinkle Toes there and pay $30 for private ferry to get us across.

At least I’m not portaging a boat through here like Benedict Arnold and his men.


Hike today was relatively flat, easy, and fast. 20 miles in less than 8 hours. That’s more like it!

We met at the river to call private ferry. Unfortunately no cell service. Thought we would be stuck across river from town for night. Bummer.

Another hiker, Torch (a month younger than me), was able to contact his wife and she contacted the ferry.

Got all 4 of us across and we were in Caratunk (population 75) by 5:30.


Stayed at a very nice country inn, Sterling Inn. Great little hiker supply store at Inn and really nice rooms.

On to Monson from here. About 37 miles. 2 good days of hiking.

Happy trails!

3 thoughts on “August 31

  1. That little rowboat can’t be the ferry!!!! It is Addy’s birthday party on Monday so late Sunday we will head to Fargo so if we don’t answer our home phone call my cell. 19.9 miles is really booking it. Glad the trail was flat and easy. You will soon be on the 100 mile wilderness trail, I’m worried you won’t have enough supplies. Will there be any trail magic along that stretch?? Well stay safe and happy trails!! Love from, MOM


  2. Yes, I think you are a bad ass!!! “Easier” days should help you recoup. Definitely on the down slide now Jeff. We’re all proud of you!


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