September 1

Day 155 US 201 to Bald Mtn Stream (21.1 miles) 2059.9 miles total

Today was about getting myself as close to Monson as I could. 15 miles away so I’m pleased.

The number of lakes and ponds in ME is amazing. Some are very large. There also are few cabins or residences on most that I’ve been near…probably because it would be a long walk to get there.

Crossed 2 peaks today, Pleasant Pond Mtn (2470′) and Moxie Bald Mtn (2829′). May not sound very tall, but when you start at 1000′ it’s still some work.

Wind was howling most of day. Blew my hat off on Moxie Bald (below). Luckily it got caught in some brush or would have been sayonara to hat. Trail was not well marked here. If I didn’t have app on phone would have taken me some time to figure it out.

The bright green area is sun shining through on island. I thought it looked cool.

Hoping to get into Monson by 3PM. Usual routine of shower, laundry, resupply, dinner, a few Buds, and, now, football…lots of football.  

There is allegedly a system to get supplies half way through the 100 Mile Wilderness. Buy in Monson and someone, somehow, leaves a bucket along trail for you. Curious as to how this works. Big difference (about 6 lbs) between carrying 3 days of food vs 6 days.

Happy trails!

9 thoughts on “September 1

    1. …And since you are in New England, you can watch the Patriots start their season on Thursday night. Are you a fan like Walt Vital or like the other huge % of the country that HATES the Pats?? Congratulations on your success. Bill McKay, Walt’s brother in Law.


  1. Wow! You are finally getting close to the end. Hope the resupply system works or you could end up pretty hungry by the end of the wilderness. We’ve been thinking about you the whole way and know Kris is anxiously awaiting your arrival at the end of the trail. Keep plugging along!


  2. Keep a truckin’. You’re almost done! Quite an accomplishment. I never doubted that you wouldn’t finish this….stay strong and pray for no injuries on your final stretch❤️❤️


  3. The resupply system sounds pretty interesting. I hope it works out as expected. You’re probably looking forward to your next LONG hitched ride back to Florida with Kris 😊


    1. Thanks, Beth. Never imagined how many people would get into this hike. Boggles my mind more than the thought of walking 2200 miles. Glad you’ve enjoyed. Thanks for your support. I always know I can count on you!


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