September 3

Day 157 Monson, ME Zero Day, 2075.3 miles total

Staying at Shaw’s Hiker Hostel in Monson. They have the main house and 2 bunkhouses. Also allow tents in yard. Must be at least 30 hikers here.

They serve a great breakfast in AM. 3 eggs, potatoes, bacon, and unlimited blueberry pancakes.  

Got supplies for 6-day trek through 100 Mile Wilderness. Tortillas, peanut butter, tuna, beef jerky, trail mix, and a bunch of candy bars will be my diet for next 6 days.

Food drop thing isn’t like I envisioned. You pay $80 and they meet you at a road crossing in Wilderness at a specific date/time. Decided not to do it. Good thing about food is that what you carry gets lighter each day. Only problem is you end up carrying a lot of trash.

I don’t expect much communication service for next several days. Blog delivery will be random at best. I’ll be stretching to keep phone charged for 6 days as well.

Happy trails!

4 thoughts on “September 3

  1. Hang tough. That 6-day menu sounds a bit sketchy 😐 I’ll miss the regular updates but look forward to seeing you “on the other side.”
    Happy Trails to you Jeff – and birthday greetings to Kerri via your blog 🎉🎉


  2. Best of luck on this last stretch of the AT. Seems like many of you are going to be finishing around the same time so you won’t be hiking alone. Less then a week to go. Never doubted you. Save your battery we can all wait for a couple of days and 1 big read.
    Proud to call you my friend!!
    Stay safe & Keep on Truckin Just Bad Ass Pete


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