September 4

Day 158 ME 15 to Long Pond Stream Tentsite (14.3 miles) 2089.6 miles total

Happy 25th birthday, Kerri Peterson!

Rained pretty good last night so trail was pretty slippery today. Makes for some slow going.

Welcome to the 100 Mile Wilderness. I wonder if the sign scares anyone away. I would think most people know what they’re getting into here.

100 mile sign

Had a few slips and falls today. Falling on rocks is no fun. Smashed my left elbow on a rock…again. That thing has taken a beating. Pretty sure I’ve had more cuts, scrapes, and injuries on this trek than previous 25 years combined.

Did find a nice lunch spot with a stone chair…with a back!


Fall is definitely beginning here. Seeing more trees with leaves changing color every day. I started in GA when trees were just budding.


Next 35 miles of Wilderness is quite a bit of ups and downs and then 50 miles of relatively flat cruising. Anxious to reach that point. Lower likelihood of injury.

Happy trails!

4 thoughts on “September 4

  1. You’re an inspiration to all, Pete!! What’s left of this trek is nothing compared to where you’ve already been. Should have gotten you an elbow guard when you came through NJ… 🙂
    Keeping good thoughts for you. Be safe my friend!


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