September 2

Day 156 Bald Mtn Stream Tentsite to ME 15, Monson, ME (15.4 miles) 2075.3 miles total

Good, quick hike into Monson. No big ups/downs so really was like a walk in the woods.

Been very fortunate that it hasn’t rained for almost 2 weeks. Besides the fact I’m not getting wet, the boggy areas are fairly dry and a couple streams that you normally need to ford are low enough you can rock hop.

Stream below would have to be forded most of the time. Hold on to rope that you see and wade through knee deep water. Today, however, I was able to walk across on piles of branches you see.

Monson is a really small town. 2 bars and neither has ESPN. Hitched a ride 10 miles to another town with Chewy just to watch some college football. Finagled a ride back from waiter as it was dark by then. Quite the adventure!

Decided that I will take a Zero tomorrow to rest up for final 115 miles. That means I should finish next Sunday.  

Happy trails!

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