September 5

Day 159 Long Pond Stream Campsite to Pleasant River Campsite (16.0 miles) 2105.6 miles total

You’d think this has got to get easier at some point in time but just keeps coming at you. Crossed 6 mountain tops today. All in the 2000′ elevation but still up and down. So many mountains that they started running out of names. Crossed Mt Three and a Half. It was right between Fourth Mtn and Third Mtn…of course.


Miles are still hard fought in this area. Lots of ups, downs, rocks, and roots. Perfect recipe for a painful fall.

Heard about a thru-hiker who fell and broke her wrist today. A couple came upon her and there was a side trail that went 1.5 miles to a gravel road. Amazingly had cell service and were able to call Shaw’s Hiker Hostel in Monson. They were coming to pick her up. Feel so sorry for her.


Had to do my first, and I hope only, river fording today. About 30 ft wide river 15 inches deep. Have been able to rock hop the others but not possible here. I’m tented just past river. Wanted to get past in case river gets higher.

Rain in forecast for next few days. Looked like rain pretty much all day today but didn’t start until 7PM.

One more big climb tomorrow, White Mtn, then pretty flat to Mt Kathadin

Happy trails!

2 thoughts on “September 5

  1. Pete! I’ve been telling your tale(s) to clients and students over the past weeks – very, very motivating for a lot of them who are challenged to make significant changes to their habits and behaviors. It’s been great to say … “Well, that does sound like a challenge, let me tell you what JustPete did today!
    Thanks for being an inspiration … to me too. Vicki and I are prepping for the Tough Mudder next month.


  2. One more climb and smooth sailing!! You’re almost there Just Pete 👍 We can probably imagine what your dinner consists of.
    How heart breaking for that through-hiker😕


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