September 6

Day 160 Pleasant River Tentsite to Mtn View Tentsite (17.2 miles) 2122.8 miles total

Light rain all night. Stopped for a bit shortly after 7:30AM. Got packed up and hit the trail.

Rain would come and go all the while I hiked. Not very hard. Just a nuisance. I do not like hiking in the rain. I do not like it at all.


White Cap Mtn (3650′) was a climb of 3000′ over 11.4 miles so not a steep climb but a long one. Highest point until Mt Kathadin. You can see Kathadin in pic below. Looks pretty big above the clouds. All by itself which is reason it’s pretty flat until you get there.


You make lots of decisions each day you’re hiking. Some are trivial and some aren’t. Today I tried to push for more mileage and passed a nice flat camping area. Bad decision. About 3/4 mile later rain started picking up. Now I needed to stop and there are no good tentsites as I’m on side of hill.

Ended up with worst tentsite of trek. Slanted and rocky. Not comfortable and raining hard now.

When I left Monson, rain was forecast for today and tomorrow. They got today right. Hoping tomorrow is wrong. I really don’t want to be stuck in tent in pouring rain this close to finish.

Happy trails!

4 thoughts on “September 6

  1. As always, gorgeous scenery. Hang tight!! You’re almost there. Damned rain!! You may have some back in Florida when you and Kris get home but no more 🚶🚶🚶🚶


  2. I am hoping no rain today. It has to be so frustrating when you want to be done. Hang in there, you are so close to the finish
    Stay safe. Love you, MOM


  3. Awesome that the goal (Katahdin) is literally in sight! Remember to look BEYOND the goal … to golf in late September. The mental uphill climb to the end of this journey will be less steep and just a stop on the path to the next conquest.


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