September 7

Day 161 Mtn View Tentsite to Nahmakanta Stream Campsite (23.0 miles) 2145.8 miles total

Rained all night. Was afraid would rain all day today but slowed to a sprinkle about 8:30AM, I quickly packed and hit the trail.

Had to put on wet socks to go into wet shoes. The good thing with having wet shoes/socks is it doesn’t matter if you just slosh through wet areas. Bad thing is you can get trench foot. My feet were pretty wet and pasty by end of day.

After a couple miles I was into the flats. Not as flat and smooth as I hoped, but flat enough to move more quickly than I have for a while. Able to make 3 mph a lot of the time.


image1 (6)

Rain was off and on for most of AM and partly sunny in PM. Lucky that it didn’t pour all day so I had to sit in tent. Would have gotten pretty low on food by end of Wilderness. Will finish with very little as is.

Tented the other day by river fording with Bobo and Bubba. I know it sounds like a couple of good old southern boys but they’re really from MA. Nice guys. I’d strapped my extra socks on outside of pack in hopes they would dry a bit. Apparently they fell off at some point as Bobo and Bubba caught up with me and had them.

That’s Mt Kathadin you can see in the clouds. Sneaking up on that bad boy. Pic is from about 50 trail miles away from summit.


Tenting tonight in a nice flat spot in a designated campsite. I’m only one here. All the youngsters stay at shelters, or lean to’s as they call them in ME. Pretty sure that’s why a lot of them have coughs. Bobo and Bubba told me last night in rain there were 11 people in lean to that is meant for about 8.

All my stuff is pretty wet. Gonna be wet socks and shoes again tomorrow as I accidentally forded (slipped in) a stream shortly before camp. That sucks!

Hoping to get as close to Baxter State Park as I can tomorrow. That will be the first of many lasts for me. Last night in a tent, etc.

Saturday Kris will meet me at Kathadin Stream Campground in park. We’ll stay at a motel in Millinocket that night and go back to Campground Sunday AM. Then it’s 5.2 miles up to top of Kathadin and the end of this odyssey…except for the 5.2 miles back down!

Crazy close to being finished!

Happy trails!

16 thoughts on “September 7

  1. Yea,almost there! Amazing trek! Can’t wait to see you in Vermont. I’m sure at this point you are looking forward to seeing Kris, having dry feet,a warm bed, football & a Bud.


  2. After following your journey for 5+ months, I’ve gotta admit I’ll miss your daily updates, but I’m sure you’re more than ready to put this particular adventure behind you.

    Best of luck on these last few miles, and congrats again on making it through an incredible physical and mental challenge like this!


  3. I am like Brooke, tears when I am thinking you are almost finished and will meet Kris. I am so very proud of you and what you have accomplished. You are certainly a hero in my book. Take care, stay safe, and love to you from me. We will be in Fgo starting tomorrow to help Jiggs with the ND Grocers convention so call my cell.


  4. Jeff, we have followed your posts all along the way. You have done an amazing job!! We are so happy for you! You have gone through a lot on this trek – your courage, fortitude, and perseverance are greatly to be admired. Enjoy your R & R and have a wonderful trip back to Florida, with special times with friends along the way. Hoping your place will be safe and that you will not encounter any travel problems due to the storms.


  5. The end of the trail is in SIGHT – Over 2,000 miles behind you, and other than being somewhat wet, you are in good shape!!! You had done an amazing job keeping us informed with pictures and blogs.
    Thanks, and out prayers continue…………


  6. I too got teary thinking of the last “bit” of this great adventure, and with your wife! You rock, Jeff Peterson! And I will definitely miss your updates! Looking forward to the welcome home party!


  7. Pete, keeping up the spirits with all the adversities, very inspiring! Not that you are doing the AT again however I just thought that hiking sandals would make it a bit more pleasant for those wet days.


  8. I got chills reading this your sooo close!!
    Can’t wait to see the picture at the finish. Nice of the guys to rerturn your socks!!
    You do realize the there’s a lot of people that are going to go thru blog withdrawal?! May I suggest
    After the AT Day 1- Decided to have a zero day at home in bed with a 6 pack(keeping it clean) and football,blah blah blah….
    Excited for you my friend!!!
    Be safe &
    Keep on Truckin Just Bad Ass Pete


  9. We have looked forward to your daily journal and especially the fabulous photographs.
    Possibly a book deal in your future? Congratulations, Just Pete!

    Art and Janice


  10. Good for you JustPete! Could see on Kris’ face that she is also more than ready to see the finish of this epic trek! Unbelievable how much you have raised for charity! Don’t forget that when you shave, Bill has dibs on any valuables that are found in there! Thanks for the memories, will miss your blogs…..


  11. If you were a good friend, you’d turn around and repeat the trek so I’d have something to read daily. 😉 Seriously though, AWESOME! What an adventure full of lasting memories. Regina and I are looking forward to seeing you real soon Just Pete! By the way, I give those guys a lot of credit for even picking up those socks. That took guts!


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