September 8

Day 162 Nahmakanta Stream Campsite to Hurd Brook Tentsite (25.4 miles) 2171.2 total miles 

Bet you can’t tell I’m anxious to finish! Hit it hard today.

Parts of today’s hike were more difficult than I expected. Had to go up and over Nesuntabunt Mtn (below). Elevation was only 1520′ but a 900′ climb up and back down. 

This view is to Mt Kathadin. 16 miles as the crow flies. 36 miles as a hiker hikes. Really tried transforming myself into a crow but didn’t work. And why is it as the crow flies? Are Eagles or robins not smart enough to go straight from point A to point B?

This Kathadin thing is looking more serious the closer I get. It’s going to be a 4200′ climb in 5.2 miles. Then there’s the back down thing. I would pay lots of $’s for a helicopter ride down if anyone can hook me up on Sunday. I despise miles that don’t count!

At 5PM I stopped for a break. Tried to figure out where I would tent for night. Hurd Brook Lean-to was 5.6 miles. About 2 hrs and I decided to go for it. Last lean-to on trail and figured there would be lots of people I know there.

I usually try to stop hiking by 6:30. Sun is setting earlier and starts getting dark shortly after 7. About 7 I was still short of Hurd Brook. Started looking for tentsites. Shortly after that I passed a decent spot but I knew shelter was close so I kept going.  

Horrible decision. Between lean-to and me was a brook that you had to rock hop over large boulders. It’s pretty dark now and I can’t really see best path across.

To make a long story short, I had a nasty slip and fall. Ended up holding on to boulder with one hand and catching walking stick with other before it careened into water. Pretty athletic move if I must say.

Bad news is I got really banged up. Of course left elbow got smashed once again along with left shin, right wrist and knee.

I decided to retreat. Went back 50 yds to tentsite I’d just passed. Luckily I can set tent up in dark. Lots of blood from elbow and shin. So sore I could hardly eat. Guessing I’ll be stiff and sore in AM.

Lesson learned…it ain’t over ’til it’s over. Hopefully that’s last fall because not sure I can physically take any more.

Only 18.6 more miles to go.

Happy trails!

6 thoughts on “September 8

  1. We all know how anxious you are but
    18.6 is to finish not the trail finishing you!! PLEASE be careful on what I believe will be your last day..
    Sitting with Jamie(Hi) & this bevy’s for you Bad Ass!!
    Be safe/careful!!
    Keep on Truckin


  2. Knowing only one more day after 162 days must be exhilarating! Almost the end of an amazing journey! Hard climb ahead but the end is in site. Sorry, no helicopter!!! You’re determination, strength and stamina is truely amazing. I’m sure it will go well and we will see you soon! 🍻🍻🍻


  3. the battle wounds will make it look so much more dramatic!!! Go Jeff!
    By the way we were watching America Ninja Warrior obstacle courses and the girls thought you could kick all “those guys butts” because you are hiking the trail and pacing yourself. Be well. Happy trails!!! So so happy for you!!


  4. You’re almost there!! Battered and sore but victorious!! We’re so proud of your grit and determination πŸ‘πŸ‘. You should be relaxing with Kris now and looking forward to your grand finale in the morning.


  5. So awesome Pete!! Very happy for you. Thanks for the memories buddy. I hope you feel better in the am. Never had a doubt you’d finish this hike. Your like me competitive! Go Vikes! Anyway Happy trails to you until we meet again just Pete. Give Kris a hug from me


  6. Wow – you’re taking a beating, dude. Hang in there – only a few miles left. You’re a great example for the rest of us in the old farts club. Rock on, Jeff.



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