September 9

Day 163 Hurd Brook Tentsite to Kathadin Springs Campsite (13.4 miles) 2184.6 miles total

So this Kathadin thing keeps getting bigger and bigger as I get closer. Weird, huh?!!  

Made it to meeting place with Kris about 2PM. She had been in park doing trail magic. We hung out there for about an hour and a half. Drankles and Twinkle Toes summited today. Good to get their insight into the beast.

I’ve learned that after a fall it takes a bit to figure out what you really hurt. This time it’s my right knee. Must have bruised knee cap because really sore. Walking with a pretty good limp. Going to have to suck it up tomorrow morning!

Next time you hear from me I’ll be finished…finally!

Happy trails!

10 thoughts on “September 9

  1. Can’t wait for your next post!!
    Just this little bit of beast to go..
    Take it slow & careful..
    Keep on Limpin,Truckin
    Just Bad Ass Pete!!!


  2. Glad your back at it after last fall, good luck on final climb! Great job! Hope your home and community is ok with big storm hitting the area😰


  3. Pete I am writing this hopefully about the time you are coming down from the summit! It certainly looks like a tough one to go up. Praying that you knee holds out and does not have any damage!


  4. Glad your missing the fun down here….congratulations !!! I didn’t walk as far as you but I fall down a lot….

    Crown Royal 👑


  5. Awesome job Pete! Loved reading your blog everyday and the wonderful photos!😍 Hi to Kris! Let us know where we can send the $$. Thank-you for all the charities you supported!


  6. Wow, What a adventure you have taken and shared with us. Your blog along with the beautiful pics were Great! You have been quite the inspiration to all the people who only dream of accomplishing this trail. Congrats on your finish and well deserved rest! See ya back in NJ soon Jeff, Aka Just Pete!


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