Charities Update

Brooke and I, well mostly Brooke, have been doing some updates to

I’m happy and proud to let you know that we will be raising money for the 3 charities (Sun Dial Manor, K-9’s for Warriors, and the Down Syndrome Program at Boston Children’s Hospital) we raised a total of $67,000 for on the AT. You can read more about those charities at When you are ready to pledge, go to We’re open for business!

I have also loaded my planned route and some maps on the Camino de Santiago page and updated the Appalachian Trail page with some lessons learned and photos. I’m going to lessen the quantity of pics but I haven’t quite figured that out! Bear with me.

Once I start walking (about 5/23), I’ll try to blog daily and hope you enjoy following along. Feel free to get your friends and family following.

Let’s do some good things for some good causes again!

P.S. Pushup challenge update. I’m at 48 as of 5/10. Unfortunately on attempt for the 49th I twisted a muscle or pinched a nerve. I’m afraid to try again unless I feel 100% recovered by the time I leave on 5/20. I may fall a little short. Kris, on the other hand, is about 50% over her goal. She kicked my butt!

6 thoughts on “Charities Update

  1. Hey Jeff, Are you doing just straight up pledges or so much a mile? Was on the K-9 one it looked like a straight up pledge.

    LMK thanks and best of luck Paul



  2. Yeah Kris! Good luck Pete. Wish we could meet you again at the end of the trail! We are excited to read your blog and share another adventure with you!

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  3. Looking forward to your daily blogs. Smart to stop at 48. Way to go Kris!!
    Will do the K9 thing again,it worked out so well last time. How many days you think to complete? Be safe and don’t over do it!! The level of the lake is REALLY High😂

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    1. Yes, the K9’s For Warriors was great. The beauty of this hike is that I know I am flying home from Porto, Portugal on 7/24. I have about 9 weeks to hike. Hoping to do 100 miles/week. Really hoping to be able to do 5 20 milers and 2 zero days/week. It’ll be semi-slack packing (no food to carry and half the amount of water). Make sure to keep the lake level high. Hoping to get up there in Sept. Thanks for your support.


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