Day 9 Bilbao to Castro Urdiales 26 miles (159 miles total)

The hostel last night worked out OK. Only 2 others in bunk room and they were pilgrims. One of the guys snored (of course). Deep, guttural, disgusting sound. Fortunately it lasted only an hour. 
Wow!  Another perfectly gorgeous day. I’ve got nothing better to do. Think I’ll walk a marathon. 
Left Bilbao along the river. Went right past the Guggenheim Museum. I didn’t stop but I did get to thinking. Wasn’t there a Crazy Guggenheim on TV back in the day?  Maybe on Red Skelton?  Buddy of Clem Cudiddlehopper?

Some pretty funky architecture in Bilbao. Some of the bridges are supposed to be renowned but I wasn’t that impressed.

I walked alongside that river for about 10 miles. Went from nice looking, modern to urban industrial sprawl. Not a nice walk. I went as fast as I could walk. 

The river must end at the ocean but the Camino crossed it and ascended before I could find out. Next was 8 miles mostly along a bike path. Easy but boring stroll. I, again, went as fast as I could. On pavement like this, I will jog on the downhills. It’s actually easier on your joints. You just have to be able to control the speed. It would be bad to take a spill.

Finally a sliver of ocean up ahead!

There are 2 small towns, La Arena and Pobena (Kris…notes), within a half mile of each other on either side of this beach. Very nice towns and beach. If you zoom in you can see the nude sun bathers. 

You zoomed in, didn’t you. I knew you would.  Really just a bit of classy toplessness that I can’t show here. This is a PG blog plus my mom will be reading it!
For me this is a big decision point. It’s 2:30. There’s a nice beach bar that is very active. I can stay at a hostel here or proceed the 8 more miles to Castro Urdiales which is a larger beach town that I plan to spend tomorrow night in. 
Chill here or push on and be able to take a zero day tomorrow?  I’m guessing that the scenery will be good so let’s go for it!
When you do big miles late in the day, there is only one thing that can get you through. Just Pete Rocket Fuel. Coke and gummy bears. WARNING:  Kids, do not try this at home. 

This pic is looking back to the beach from the hill you didn’t notice in other beach photo because you were zooming in.

We have now left the Basque country and are in Cantabria.  I haven’t noticed any changes. Von, can you provide any insight?

This looks really sketchy. 

I rolled into town about 5:30 and went for the first hotel I could find. They had 1 room!  I must have looked (and smelled) bad because receptionist suggested I just go to room to shower and rest and then come back to check in!
Tomorrow will be Sunday Fun Day. Laundry and then cervesas at a beach bar all afternoon. I am ready to relax. Look out Castro Urdiales!

Happy trails and buen Camino!

9 thoughts on “Day 9 Bilbao to Castro Urdiales 26 miles (159 miles total)

  1. NO SPILLS! I remember that smell from the time I saw at MSP mid trek on the AT. I can empathize with that receptionist. LOL Take a break and recharge. You earned the rest.

    P. S. I zoomed in and didn’t see a damn thing! GOT ME!

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  2. Yeah yes, I zoomed in but cannot see anything.  You could’ve sent a separate email on that. Rick 

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  3. I zoomed in for your dad. Your pictures are awesome and like Jane says I can hear your voice when I read it. The receptionist wasn’t very kind!! Take care, stay safe. Love, MOM


  4. Cantabrian is a largely indigenous dialect. There is only a slight difference between Basque Spanish and the Spanish spoken in Cantabria, virtually indistinguishable to the untrained ear.

    I hear there is more Budweiser in Cantabria v. Basque country. Salud!

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