Day 10 Castro Urdiales 0 miles (159 miles total)

First of all, mad props to Rod Benson. He made a commitment to a goal and he has kept at it. Lost 28 lbs in 3 months. More than half way to his goal. That makes me happy. Keep going, Rod. You’re kicking butt…or maybe losing butt!  
Spent a very relaxing day. Another gorgeous one. 
This town is really old. Became a Roman colony in the year 74. Not 19, 18, or 1774.  I’m talking 0074!
The building on left is the Church of St Mary. Built in 13th century. The arch-shaped bridge (right-center) was built by Romans in medieval times. Have to admit, they built things to last. 

I had a lot of fun with the nude beach thing in yesterday’s blog!  I won’t mess with you today… but if you look really hard…

Don’t recall ever seeing stadium style seating at a beach. 

Couple of random thoughts…

Americans are really good at lots of things. I didn’t quite realize how good we (you) are at this music thing. Everywhere, no matter the size of the town, if there is music playing, it’s US. Hardly anyone speaks English but they’ll listen to everything American!  I don’t get it but I like it!
Siestas are an awesome thing if you’re the one doing the siestaing. If you’re hiking, a bit inconvenient. Businesses close from 2-4pm. Everyone goes to a bar and has lunch and a couple beers or wine. At 4 the bar empties. I don’t really have a problem with that unless I’m looking for a market at that time. The real problem is that they’re not ready for dinner at 8pm. Hiker midnight is 9pm so that is way late for me. 
Rested and ready to roll.  Please notice that I have “town clothes” for this trip. Kris strongly suggested it. 

Happy trails and buen Camino!

5 thoughts on “Day 10 Castro Urdiales 0 miles (159 miles total)

  1. It was good to see and talk to you today. Hope your night was good and that your next day is going well. It was gorgeous at the lake, love it here, so relaxing. Take care of yourself, stay safe. Love you, MOM


  2. Oftentimes dinner before 9 or 10 in Spain is unusual. I can see how that wouldn’t work in a hiker’s schedule 😐.i think you look quite deport in you town clothes 👍👍



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