Day 17 Comillas to Peral 18 miles (269 miles total)

Woke up to a nice day. 
I toured Comillas but I apparently missed this casa.  Not that big of a town. How do you miss that?

It was a really nice, partly cloudy, 65ish kind of day. Good walking weather. 

Got my long board out to shred a few today. 

I think we should all chip in, buy this beach house, and just make it party central.  I’ll be in charge of the Budweiser. You guys figure out who’s in charge of all the rest of the minor details.  Who’s in?

Approaching the town of San Vicente de la Barquera. Appears to be another nice surf town. I’d only been walking for a couple hours but thinking about stopping here for the day. 

Went by a bunch of surf shops and surfers just before town. I was liking it. 

Just as the Camino reached town, it made a hard left and headed up the hill. I thought it would still go into town but was wrong. It wasn’t worth the effort to backtrack down the hill without knowing if I could get a room or what the town was really like. Plus, 6 miles?  Just not far enough to call it a day. 
These are some big horses. The guy is a really big dude. If the other horses don’t follow right behind the white one, he lets them know they are not being good via a little prodding with the stick. 

This guy must be extremely patient. I can’t imagine how long it takes to rake together one of those big bales!

One of my “things” is I smile and say “Hola” to everyone. Construction workers, joggers, farmers, everyone I pass. I get extra special enjoyment when it’s an elderly person who is alone.  I’ve gotten some unforgettable smiles in return.  You can do this at home yourself. Sometimes these people are alone and sad. Your hello may make their day. It’s easy and you’ve nothing to lose. Give it a shot.

Met a couple Danish guys today. One is young and the other, Thomas, is 53. He is fascinated by the AT and knows about as much as I do about it. Hoping he can one day hike it. 

Staying in a 3rd generation Pension. Think of it as a house where the entire upstairs has been converted to hotel-type rooms. Really quite nice for $15. 
Those cows are passing by the front door. BYOC (Bring Your Own Cow) night I guess. 

I offered $1000 for this old school cigarette machine. Fortunately they said no because I really didn’t think about how I would carry it. 

Happy trails and buen Camino!

5 thoughts on “Day 17 Comillas to Peral 18 miles (269 miles total)

  1. You are right about smiling at people. I try to do that too. The pretty lady looked happy when you smiled at her and she smiled back. It doesn’t cost a cent!! You are such a clever writer, you have to do a book. Love the pictures. Stay safe. Love You, MOM

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  2. Great scenery as usual Jeff. I agree with smiling and greetings in their language. It just makes you feel better too I think. I sometimes try to Initiate a conversation in my minimal knowledge of a different language only to sometimes get caught off guard when they want to continue the conversation out of my realm. Oh well….

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  3. I made a MAJOR error in my pledge 😳😳. I put an extra zero in my pledge amount. Meant for it to be $10 per mile NOT $100.



  4. Got day 18 from Dill Harper. He was talking about a friend sending these to him. What happened to mine, where is it? Does he pay 💰 better or send you beer 🍺 from time to time? What’s wrong with this “picture” I am asking myself.

    Just kidding, although I didn’t get it. Enjoy your daily stories very much, and obviously the pictures, …….. and the comments as well.

    Happy Trails and Buen Camino


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  5. Mom is correct. You are so good at writing! All you posts are so entertaining! We look forward to them daily! Till tomorrow….Happy trails!


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