Day 18 Peral to Llanes 15 miles (284 miles total)

I was out the door and hiking early (for me) today. Was heading down the trail by 7:45 because rain forecast for later AM.
In 45 minutes I was into the most incredible 3 miles of hiking I have experienced. If I were to design my own little hiking park, this would be it.
There was not good markings to get here. Had to cross a road, over some railroad tracks, and through a fence.
As soon as I saw this, my mind said “Jackpot”!
It was essentially a huge grassy, rock strewn pasture right along the cliffs.
unnamed (1)
Not sure where the official Camino even ran. There were paths and cow trails heading everywhere. I pretty much just free-ranged it!
I see the face of an animal in that rock. Bison?  Lion?  You seein’ it?
unnamed (2).jpg
I’m guessing these folks were on a trail of some sort. I preferred the rocks next to the cliffs. First good rock scrambling since the AT.
unnamed (3).jpg
This is what a happy old hiker looks like when he’s found hiker heaven.
unnamed (4)
I took a crazy number of pictures. If I were buying film and having to pay to develop it (that’s what we did back in the day), it would have been expensive.
I think the thing that made it so fun for me was the fact that there wasn’t a truly defined trail. You just roamed this giant park-like setting.
unnamed (5)
Down on the rocks. Up on the grass.
unnamed (6)
unnamed (7)
I even stumbled across this cave. Didn’t go in more than a few feet as was a bit dark, dank, and scary.
unnamed (8)
All of these photos came from that stretch of approximately 3 miles. Amazing!
There were still a few good views in the remaining 10 miles of the day.
unnamed (9)
I hiked most of those last 10 miles with Luisa, a lovely and brilliant 19 year young lady from Germany. She had been hiking with her dad but he had to return home for work.  She was happy to not be by herself and I really enjoyed her company…plus she could keep pace.
She will be going to University in Scotland this fall to study Forensic Anthropology (think CSI). Did I tell you she is brilliant? A very stimulating conversation which I hope she enjoyed as much as I.
unnamed (10)
This is Llanes where I will spend the night. Reserved a room in a hotel that is allegedly right on the beach.
unnamed (11)
unnamed (12)


Happy trails and buen Camino!

9 thoughts on “Day 18 Peral to Llanes 15 miles (284 miles total)

  1. Loving the scenery. Much different than the AT. Do you walk in any forests or is it more on roads and in the open? If you are heading into those snowcapped mountains from the other days pics, be sure to pick up some warmer clothes.

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    1. There is very little forest walking. Lots of open areas. Probably 1/3 paved walking…tiny roads that fit 1.5 cars but are 2 car traffic. That can get a little scary. For me, the scenery is so amazing, makes it worth it!!


  2. Good for you! You’ve seemed to have stumbled on a great stretch of scenery. Here’s to hoping the next coming days bring you the same.


  3. Beautiful. I see it. Good looking chap with the beard. What does score mean? Rick

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  4. Hi Jeff,
    Beautiful pictures!! glad things are going well and that you had some company! take care.
    mary and bill


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