Day 20 Llanes to Vega de Ribadesella 23 miles (307 miles total)

Pretty crazy day that began as I tried to checkout from hotel. They don’t take your credit card at checkin. Weird. I was looking to get moving about 8AM as I just last night heard about a birthday party for a fellow pilgrim Wednesday eve in a town nearly 40 miles away.

Well, reception desk didn’t open until 9:00. I left a nice note telling them to charge credit card which reservation was made under. Hopefully they understood. If not, that’s why I am rotting in a Spanish prison.
It was drizzly at first but soon gave way to a rainbow.
First town I come to after Llanes is Poo. Seriously, who names a town Poo?  I’m imagining some Roman General who was beaten back at Llanes going “Oh, Poo”.  And what is your team mascot?  Poo Bears?  How menacing.
As payback for all my bad jokes about Poo, it started raining…hard…with some sleet thrown in. I didn’t mean it Poo.
We got back to the coast and the rain pretty much stopped. It was still cold, however.
unnamed (1)
unnamed (2)
It then began to clear again and another rainbow. Look really closely, it’s there.
unnamed (3)
It’s one of those rain jacket on and off all day. Still seeing some nice scenery, though.
unnamed (4)unnamed (5)
Then things got really weird in a fun way. Walking next to 2 guys who were Americans. Asked where they were from. Jacksonville.
Told them I was from Ponte Vedra (just south of Jax). Had a good chuckle over that. They then told me they were section hiking the AT 2 years ago in southern VA and had met a guy from Ponte Vedra who was thru-hiking the AT.  Pretty sure I know who that was. Big laughs over that. Meet Conner and Steve (I think…maybe Dave).
unnamed (6)unnamed (7)
The day kind of “normalized” after that. Little sun. More great scenery.
Just keep following the path.
These are some serious hydrangea “trees”.
This is obviously home to an artist. There were 4 of these very nice paintings on walls and doors.   Pretty incredible, huh?
Vega de Ribadesella is a very small surf town. Not even sure there’s a hotel but I know there are 3 bars and some nice views.
unnamed (8)
Sleeping in my tent tonight about 100 yds up from the surf.   Kind of noisy in a good sort of way!
unnamed (9)
Happy trails and buen Camino!

5 thoughts on “Day 20 Llanes to Vega de Ribadesella 23 miles (307 miles total)

  1. Oh, the sites you are seeing! What history we are learning. I still wish you had some warmer clothing! Catholic church coming down today. Take care. Love You, MOM


  2. “It’s a small world but I’d hate to paint it” – Steven Wright
    That’s pretty cool..
    Stay safe & Keep on Truckin🚶‍♂️


  3. Another amazing day. Thanks for sharing! So amazing to run into to fellow AT hikers. Like I always say, you need to be on your best behavior (or moderately so) because never know who you’ll run into. Small world moments.
    Love the art work 👍



  4. It was great meeting Pete again in Spain! What a small world it is. Steve is in the blue poncho. Connor is in the green poncho. — Connor

    Liked by 1 person

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