Day 19 Llanes 0 miles (284 miles total)

Decided to take a day off. Running (actually walking) a bit ahead of targeted pace. Plus it’s smelling like laundry time and I’ve got a sweet room on the beach.
Missing a pair of my Darn Tuff socks. Crap!  I can see losing one, but the pair??  Guess we’ll see how tough these socks are. Actually not worried about that. Worried about their odor resistance and having to put wet socks on after a day walking in the rain. Double crap!!
I’m getting this laundry thing figured out. Lavadora is washing machine. Secadora is dryer. My first visit to one in Irun, that was kind of a guess.
I wasn’t going to fess up to this, but what the heck. We’re all friends. Also on my first laundromat visit I needed detergent. There was a coin operated machine with some cans in it. Obviously the detergent but pictures of pistachios?  Weird fragrance but I didn’t really care. Put my money in, open the can, and it’s actually pistachios. Found out about a week later that detergent is built into the washer.
Llanes is another old city. There are several Medieval structures that date to the 12th century. This wall (across street from my hotel) is one.
unnamed (1)
The city is pretty much wedged between the mountains and the Cantabrian Sea.
I forgot to mention yesterday that we are now in the Austurias region of Spain.
unnamed (2)
Art or graffiti?  Actually called art here. Giant painted cubes that protect the entrance to the harbor.
unnamed (3)
Think I’m finally starting to get the meal timing down. You can get a real meal (menu of the day) until about 4 then kitchen is closed until 8.
Course 1…Seafood Paella. I like paella because that’s how it’s spelled on menu. Calamara (calamari) has become a favorite as well. Really like to know what I’m getting!!
unnamed (4)
Course 2 I didn’t really know what I was getting. The french fries were great but didn’t touch whatever was under that smelly cheese. Not a fan of any cheese that smells like it’s been rotting for a week!
unnamed (5)
Gotta look on the bright side $12 and as much wine as you can drink. I’m sure it wasn’t great wine but I’m no expert. I drink Bud for cripes sake!
Happy trails and buen Camino!

4 thoughts on “Day 19 Llanes 0 miles (284 miles total)

  1. Do pistachios get out blood stains? No reason… Just asking! For the record, I wouldn’t have eaten whatever was under that cheese either. Good call!


  2. International cuisine Jeff. Looked like a good piece of meat covered with som old camembert or so. Hope you didn’t give all of it back. That might have offended the chef, who I assume was either Mom or Dad in the kitchen.


  3. LOVED this post! Well, love them all, but especially this one! Very cool that detergent is built into machine. I think after all of this history and scenery, you will probably be planning another trip (hike)!


  4. Jeff, I hope there is a hiker supply store along the way so you can get another pair of sox. Not good to be walking in wet sox and shoes for very long. Your washing machine story was a good one. Who would know detergent is in the machine!!! Take care. Love You, MOM


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