Day 21 Vega de Ribadesella to Villaviciosa 20 miles (327 miles total)

I’ve now hiked more than 2,500 miles in my hiking “career”. My goal is to surpass 3,000 miles by the end of this trek. That will happen.

My other goal is to have raised more than $100,000 over those miles for the charities I hike for. Little nervous on that one. As of now, we’re about $5,000 short. If you’ve been procrastinating, now is the time!!

Loved my little tent spot last night. First opportunity to tent where I could hear the surf.

Cloudy and a bit cool starting out this AM!


I’ve got my walking pace pretty dialed in. I go 5 Km’s/hr (3 mph). On the AT it was usually 2.5 mph.

I go pretty fast but I also get temporarily disoriented once in a while. Yesterday I went past the same person 3 times. Missed a couple turns. Sometimes the signage is a bit confusing.

unnamed (1)

Today was the best I’ve felt physically. Been having a pain in my left shin each morning that usually goes away in an hour. Think it’s shin splint from too much pavement. Today there was very little pavement and no pain.

unnamed (2)

I’ve decided I won’t be leaving the coast and the Camino del Norte for the mountains and Camino Primitivo.

unnamed (3)

It has been cool enough for me here along the coast. I’m pretty sure I don’t have appropriate attire for the mountains.

unnamed (4)

Plus I don’t need to prove to myself that I can hike up and over mountains. Been there…done that. If I feel the need to do that again I’ll just get on Pacific Crest Trail. Nothing like that planned…just to be clear.

unnamed (5)

Did I remember to mention that I am really enjoying the coastal views?

The last half of the day was up in the hills. It was a nice change of scenery. Reminded me a bit of the AT.

unnamed (6)

My “Hola” pic of the day. Doesn’t she have the prettiest smile? She thought I was loco for wanting to take her pic.

unnamed (7)

This next lady offers coffee and drinks to pilgrims as they pass by her house. I had a coke and chatted with her for 15 minutes. She forced me to use Spanish. That was good practice for me. When I was leaving I said “Muchos gracias” in my best Spanish. She looked at me with a twinkle in her eye and said “You’re welcome”. We both had a good laugh.

unnamed (8)

I’ve been on a mission last 2 days to make it to Villaviciosa.

unnamed (9)

I’ve got a birthday party to get to and I’m excited to meet up with some of my friends.

unnamed (10)

I made it!  One of the good things about being an old guy out here is that the young ladies feel sorry for you and let you hang out with them.

Meet my posse! Left to right…Jessica, Deniella, me, Sally, Scout, and Naomi. It was Deniella’s birthday. She is from Mexico. The other 4 just graduated from college in Utah. They had been roommates for a couple of years and have a great time together.

unnamed (11)

As you can imagine, I had a blast. If you’re reading this ladies, thanks for including me. Hope our paths cross again.
Happy trails and buen Camino!



4 thoughts on “Day 21 Vega de Ribadesella to Villaviciosa 20 miles (327 miles total)

  1. Great fun!! Super smiles, birthday parties, running into AT pals and stunning scenery! I’m Enjoying your journey 👍👍. I see NO problem with that signage 😳!



  2. You probably won’t remember me, but I’m one of the three day hikers you met on the AT near Rangeley, ME. You had just crossed the Height of Land and we met you near some little ponds. You gave us your email and we gave you some granola bars, etc. We had fun following you as you completed the AT. Now enjoying your commentary in Spain. I decided to donate to your causes.
    Andrea. ( Andy )

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I do remember you. There was another lady and a guy. We talked for quite a bit. Thank you so much for following along (AT and here). That means a lot to me. Have tears in my eyes just typing this. The fact that you are supporting the charities I’m hiking for is beyond generous. Thanks so much. If you’re ever near Ponte Vedra, FL, please let me know. I owe you a couple granola bars!


  3. I am sure you enjoyed the bday party!! I just love the pictures AND the commentary. How fun to hear from people you met on the AT. Take care. Love You, MOM


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