Day 27 Cadavedo to Luarca 12 miles (407 miles total)

Overcast and cloudy this morning. Rain was in forecast for afternoon so I decided my destination for the day would be Luarca.


The morning hiking was through pasturelands and a small bit of forest. I knew the ocean was only a couple miles away but too foggy to see.

unnamed (1)

I really need to cut back on my daily/weekly mileage. I’ve got opposite problem of most people I meet. Plenty of time and not enough miles.

Fly home in 36 days so 35 potential days to walk. 475 or so miles to go on my route. That’s about 14 miles per day. That’s like a part-time job! Sure I’ll figure something out.


unnamed (2)

Got rained on a bit mid-day. Just enough to make you damp and chilly.

unnamed (3)

Walked a bit, really more like avoided the rain, with 2 ladies. One is a cardiologist in Hungary. The other a former product manager in the fashion industry from Italy. The Hungarian got bed bugs in an alburque last night. I keep saying that I’m going to stay more in alburques but now, probably not!

Sun was out by the time I got to Luarca.

unnamed (4)

Luarca is a quaint fishing village nestled between a mountain and the sea.

unnamed (6)

Ran into the 2 ladies I met earlier. We went out to eat together at a nice seaside restaurant. It’s funny how you can meet someone along the AT or Camino for 15 minutes and then you’re friends. I don’t even remember their names!

The meal was great. I had seafood paella. Total bill for 3 with a bottle of wine was $34. What a deal?

Met the “Hola” smile of the day near there. She was more than willing to pose for me!

unnamed (5)

Overall a pretty quiet day.

Happy trails and buen Camino!

One thought on “Day 27 Cadavedo to Luarca 12 miles (407 miles total)

  1. More beautiful pictures. Love how Luarca is just nestled in there, looks like a nice city. Your smile pictures are so good, a smile is easy to do and people should do it more!! I am sure you are going to watch where you stay now with the bed bugs situation!! How did your laundry come out, was she okay after she got done??? Have a good day. Heading to the lake. Love You, MOM


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