Day 28 Luarca to Navia 13 miles (420 miles total)

It was supposed to rain today. One good thing about “rain” here is there is moisture falling from the sky. Where we live in FL, when it rains…it rains. It may only last 15 minutes, but I definitely have a do it yourself ark kit ready to go.

Today was lots of crop land views and walking. I like that because that’s what my people in South Dakota do. May be different crops and WAY smaller fields here but it’s farming.


We were up on the ridge again today. Sometimes I go a long way without looking to my left.

unnamed (1)

I really wish that I could let you inside my brain for some of these long stretches of time. Yeah, scratch that. Not a good idea!

unnamed (2)

It really does amaze me how similar the economies of these small towns are to the economies of so many small towns near where I grew up in South Dakota. There are no longer schools in most of them but they have a church (or 2), a bar (or 2), and lots of friendly people.

unnamed (3)

This dude totally looked like a stuffed animal. I was ready to shoot baskets on an impossible hoop at the fair to take him home.

unnamed (4)

If we were on the AT, I know we’d be going straight up this hill.

unnamed (5)

Fortunately we’re not on the AT and we’re heading here instead.

unnamed (6)unnamed (7)

This asparagus spear could feed a village.

unnamed (8)

It’s actually some cactus flower…just FYI!

The “Hola” smile. This “thing” is getting bigger than a “thing”!

unnamed (9)

This is just a tease as to a Just Pete Challenge we’ll get going after I’m home. I’ve warned you that I have too much time to think!

unnamed (10)

Interesting dinner. First lesson…eat just before kitchen closes at 4. Had really good soup of the day (chickpea and ham). As much as I could eat. Plus wine. As much as I could drink.

After I had finished eating, a beer salesman came in. The sales call took place right around me with him and 5 people from restaurant.

I try to pay attention to my surroundings and already knew who owner/manager was. Sharply dressed. White long sleeve dress shirt. Employees well dressed in black golf-type shirts. Salesman not so much. Wrinkled yellow golf-type shirt with burn hole in center.

I had 0 business getting involved, but couldn’t stop myself. Already knew owner didn’t speak English but he was standing next to me so I typed “If he was a good sales person, he would be dressed better than that” into Google Translate. The app types out the Spanish translation.

These translations don’t always work but I handed my phone to him. This translation must have come across because he lit up with a huge grin, gave me a thumbs up, and high 5’d me! Trifecta!!

If you are in sales, please take heed. As for me, I got a free shot of Austurian cider. This region of Spain is famous for that. They also do some really trick pouring of it!

unnamed (11)

Happy trails and buen Camino!


6 thoughts on “Day 28 Luarca to Navia 13 miles (420 miles total)

  1. Another great day Jeff! It’s interesting to get your take on the farming observations. I thought it interesting from previous post that you need “to slow down” on your daily miles. It’ll be fun when you arrive in Compostela. Can’t remember the walk in Portugal agenda.


    1. First thing Berty and I do in the morning. Enjoying the report and the pictures and the daily Hola. It seems Pete is only meeting friendly people and having the time of his life with good (inexpensive) food and drink.


  2. Another interesting post. What is the story about the rubbish sign? The smile today is so genuine, love them. We wait for your posts every morning, they start our day. Take care. Love you, M0M


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