Day 49 Baiona 0 miles (732 miles total)

We got an answer on the structures floating on the river the other day. They are rafts for farming shellfish. They hang thick “seeded” ropes off the rafts to grow the shellfish. This part of NW Spain is 3rd in world for scallop, oyster, mussel, and  clam production.  Thanks, Sarah!

Had a nice relaxing day in Baiona. What a nice town. This is the view down the main street. 

The harbor is filled with boats. Lots of nice, big boats. 

Just an FYI for those zooming in…the boats are in the upper portion of photo. 
Baiona is actually on a peninsula. 

Not sure what town is on the peninsula across the bay. Possibly Nigrán. 

I walked around the peninsula in the afternoon. It was only a couple miles. Stunning views from the paved pathway. 

There are many islands just off the coast. 

This picture is from inside the remnant of an old building. 

This is a religious memorial out near the point of the peninsula looking up to an old fort on top of hill. 

Not a bad place to stand guard duty. 

And now on to the other side of peninsula looking back to Baiona. 

If you’re ever out walking across NW Spain, I would definitely recommend a stop in Baiona. 

The “Hola” smile of the day. She’s actually trying to tell me that I should be taking pictures of the islands instead of her!

We’ll be on the move tomorrow. 
Happy trails and buen Camino!

2 thoughts on “Day 49 Baiona 0 miles (732 miles total)

  1. What a nice, well deserved relaxing day. I didn’t hear any mention local libations anywhere 😉.
    I thought those floating structures involved fishing in some manner. I hope your taking an opportunity to try the mussel. They’re a favorite of mine.
    Love your photo, commentary and smiles. I can’t recall who commented previously, but I know YOU are a major instigator in each of them. Walk on, keep smiling and enjoy!!!



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