Day 48 Vigo to Baiona 16 miles (732 miles total)

Today was a very enjoyable walk. Everything about it was great…weather, scenery, hike, people. 

Potatoes are a big staple of the Spanish diet. Mixed with eggs for breakfast (called a tortilla, very good), served boiled with most lunch/dinners, and, of course, fried (called chips). 
These folks seem to have a pretty good harvest of potatoes. 

This “Hola” smile was incredible. I saw her coming from a block away. Huge smile on her face the whole way. 

I was using my app to navigate through town. App said take a right she motioned that I should go straight. I took the right and after about 100 yards of random nothingness the Camino came back to the road. She’s standing there waiting for me with a smile (of course) and an “I told you” shrug!
We walked together for a bit until we got to her house. You should never judge a book by it’s cover. Her house looked incredible. The nicest I saw in the town. 
She gave me a couple apples as I left. Pretty sure if it was late in the day and I needed a place to stay she’d have opened her home to me. Absolutely loved this lady!
We’ve been close to the coast past couple days. Today we started getting some views. 

There are several large islands just off the coast. 

We were up on a ridge most of the day. A mixture of forest and wide open ocean vistas. 

That high rise building just doesn’t seem to fit in on that tiny little island. 

Met a young couple from Oakland along the way. We’ll just call them Amy and Warren since I can’t recall actual names. Chatted for about 5 minutes. They told me that Baiona and Caminha are both really nice beach towns and that the wines from northern Portugal are really sweet. Good info!

This stone bridge is ancient. I’m guessing the Romans built it on their way to Poo. 

Baiona is awesome. It is a well preserved old town with some nice beaches. 

On March 1, 1493, Baiona became the first Old World city to learn of the success of Columbus’ journey. The Pinta was separated from the Nina and the Santa Maria by a storm and made land here. She was captained by Martin Pinzon who some say was the true brains behind the operation. Columbus landed in Lisbon 3 days later. 

Baiona seems to be my kind of town. Think I’ll stay a while!
Happy trails and buen Camino!

2 thoughts on “Day 48 Vigo to Baiona 16 miles (732 miles total)

  1. Baiona looks like a beautiful city. Enjoyed your comments about the nice lady. I can picture her laughing when you made your short back track. I know you are having a great time with these beach cities and the coastal walks. Have a great day. Love You, MOM.


  2. The bridge is built similar to the ones in England with pointed outlets to let pedestrians stand aside when the coaches came through. In England some were built by the Romans.


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