Day 8 Somewhere, WA to Sandpoint, ID. 66.8 Miles (455.5 miles total)

“There is no such thing as an easy day”. Dennis Peterson, circa June 20, 2021.

True dat!! The next time you hear me say “tomorrow should be an easy day”, please slap me upside the head.

It started off great. 25 lbs less gear on the bikes. Gerty was loving it and we were rolling!

It was longish, kinda gentle ups and downs but we were slack packing. I was spending as much time in high gear as I had in low gear through the passes. This was fun!

Cruising along the Pend Oreille River. Just a slight breeze into us.

Then 50% of us saw this. It’s a long story. I’ve heard it was pretty awesome.

We even got cold, crystal clear water straight from the side of the mountain. Trust me…the best. Especially when you just cranked out 22 fun miles in an hour and a half. Maybe biking could possibly be fun?

This couple loves the water so much that they come after church and fill up gallon jugs. I’m talking 100 gallons…minimum. Pretty sure next time you buy a water at a convenience store, I know where it came from.

We rolled across the river into Newtown, WA and had some fries at McD’s. 32 miles in 2:15. It was there things changed. Obviously, not for the better.

I had expected us to ride 60 miles. At Newton I realized it was 66 miles and we had 34 left…not 28. Bad to celebrate before halftime.

We did cross into Idaho. That was good. Only about 14 (not sure) more states to go. And WA was HARD.

That 34 miles took 4 hours. Wind, long (not gentle) hills, hot. Terrible. Why am I doing this moment(s). This is the last mile plus.

Why did we cross the River just to cross it again…when I’m dead tired?

456 miles and 5 passes in 8 days. That’s quite a bit for a novice biker. And I have 300 miles of mountains to go.

Cindy and Dennis offered/politely recommended I take a day off at their cabin before those climbs. I hadn’t even considered it but I accepted fairly quickly.

I feel good. My legs are much stronger. It’s hard to ride in the saddle for 8 hrs but I know I can do it. I’m hoping day off makes next 300 miles a tad bit easier.

Ride on.

Just Pete

P.S. Thanks for the Buds!!

11 thoughts on “Day 8 Somewhere, WA to Sandpoint, ID. 66.8 Miles (455.5 miles total)

  1. We should put this in the Ponte Vedra Recorder for the the best blog. I look forward to reading and seeing the pictures every day. Keep it going and enjoy!!!


  2. Great work, my friend. We’re rooting for you. Budweiser ought to be sponsoring you.

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  3. I think the beer is probably the best type of nourishment for a trip like this. Barley and hops are very nourishing. Hoping you take a day off now and then. You will come back stronger than ever and it will start to be fun again. I am totally amazed at the progress so far and the scenery is worth a million beers. Keep trucking. The worst is behind you. ( I think)


  4. I just asked russ about your hand. He said you might be getting ulner nerve compression from the pressure of the handlebars. I hope your gloves are very padded . Also, when you get off the bike, massage your hand between your thumb and index finger and do some hand exercises. It might help.


  5. Great progress PETE!! Really enjoying the blog and pics. I was in AZ this weekend for Mark’s daughters wedding. Saw ur buddy Bernie at the wedding. For motivation he said he didn’t think you would make it – I told him to think again and never doubt PETE when it comes to grit and desire!! Ride on my friend!


  6. Where r u in Idaho? My son Tim is in Idaho visiting friends. Let me know and maybe he could hook up with some trail magic

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