Day 9 Sandpoint, ID 0 Miles (456 total miles)

I’m hoping a day of rest is what I need to get through this last 300 miles of mountains.

I sent a couple of items home. Rain pants…didn’t even wear them in the cold rain on day 1. Long sleeve shirt for cold. Had 2. Thinking I’ll have more issues with heat than cold.

Got rid of 2-3 lbs of “stuff”. Might not sound like much but it all makes a difference.

Got Gerty a check-up at bike shop. They thought she was looking good.

Dennis is planning to ride about 45 miles with me tomorrow AM then he will be done. He’s been a huge help mentally and physically. He’s helped everywhere from posture on the bike to nutrition. I will certainly miss his support.

We’ll find out tomorrow how this zero day helped.

Ride on.

Just Pete

3 thoughts on “Day 9 Sandpoint, ID 0 Miles (456 total miles)

  1. Can’t you convince Dennis to do the whole ride? I am sure his support was a big help to you. It sounds like there will be heat in the areas you will be coming into.
    Stay safe and go Gertie.
    Love you, Mom


  2. Pete, noone will be disappointed if this trip turns out to be too much. Your health and safety are the most important. Whatever you complete is amazing!! Love the pictures and daily updates. Stay safe.


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