Day 11 Libby to Eureka, MT 74 Miles (625 total miles)

Some days ya got it. Some days ya don’t. Today was definitely a don’t.

I had a not great breakfast at hotel. Couple bagels. Someone had told me there was a good breakfast spot 6 or 7 miles up the road. Unfortunately I didn’t see it or a miscommunication on road I would be on.

We headed north following Lake Koocanusa.

Most of the time we were in the foothills a couple hundred feet above the lake.

Rolling ups and downs. Nothing too steep but some long ups.

Libby Dam

After about 20 miles I was already getting tired and I needed something to eat…besides beef jerky and protein bars.

Fortunately I came to a marina with a restaurant 5 miles later. Unfortunately it was a mile off the road and all downhill. I didn’t have much choice so I coasted down.

Restaurant didn’t open until 30 minutes after I got there so I took a little nap on their deck. Got something to eat, sat around for a bit, and then had to pedal back up to road.

I left there at 1PM. Felt a bit stronger and started pedaling. Unsure of how far/where I would get to.

If you think these pics all look like the same body of water, it’s because they are. Followed Lake Koocanusa for 55 miles. The lake is scenic but I was pretty tired of it!

The last 15-20 miles, I was toast. I could hardly pedal in low gear on the flats. Lots of stops to get enough energy/strength to make it another mile or 2.

I must have looked pretty bad as I stopped near top of last hill before Eureka. 2 vehicles stopped to make sure I was OK. Probably wasn’t but told them I was.

I coasted down and struggled up a small hill to town. As good as I felt yesterday at the end of the day was how bad I felt today. Physically drained.

Tomorrow I will get close to Glacier National Park. One more pass (Continental Divide) on Friday, then it’s all downhill.

Ride on.

Just Pete

12 thoughts on “Day 11 Libby to Eureka, MT 74 Miles (625 total miles)

  1. Eureka, MT. Pete you are way up there. I understand that is a very nice town with a lot of retirees. Hope today is better than yesterday was for you. Tom


  2. I am inspired by you every day.
    If you find a restaurant serving Gator tail, be sure to eat it. It will make you stronger!
    Stay safe!


  3. You’re doing great Jeff! Each day is a major accomplishment in my book. I agree with Dennis about the importance of “proper” nutrition during this adventure. However, I would NOT eat the gator tail😉.
    I look forward to seeing you and Gerty every day!


  4. Pete, you are doing great. Remember this is a journey and if it takes you 12 hours to go 60-70 miles who cares. I love the pictures. Say “hey” to Gert for me. don


  5. Hang in there , get some good rest! Sounds like you could enjoy a nice meal and a Bud! Keeping track of you on your journey. The views are gorgeous and the temperature should be nice and warm . Happy travels!


  6. You are almost out of those mountains!! Hopefully today was easier than yesterday and topped with a nice cold Bud for you.


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