Day 12 Eureka to Columbia Falls, MT 64 miles (689 miles total)

Rainy and cool this AM. Got to my breakfast spot 2 miles down the road at 8:30. Of course they didn’t open until 9. Learned my lesson yesterday so I sat on step and waited. They must have felt sorry for me because they let me in and took my order 10 minutes early.

Saw this family of turkeys. It’s much more difficult to take pics biking vs hiking. Gotta stop. Get phone out of holder on handlebars. Takes enough time that I missed father of family, Tom, a hundred yards later.

Over the last 10 days I’ve met 7 people riding the Northern Tier to Maine or Connecticut. I have been playing leap frog with 3 young ladies (Gus, Alex, and June). Today we stopped for a break at same place and had a good conversation about numb fingers, etc. Gus is riding to Maine. Alex and June have to be in CT to start med school at UConn in late August. Good luck, ladies!!

I got “smoked” twice today. Truck pulls up alongside and then steps on gas leaving me wallowing in a cloud of black smoke. Pretty sure one was unintentional but the other was flat out mean.

Felt much better today. My fast twitch muscles must be in good shape because I can go far and fast on flats. Slow twitch muscles (uphill) still need some work.

I was still feeling good through Whitefish (56 miles). This is Whitefish ski area.

After that…not so great. I had heard thunder behind me for about a half hour and it was gaining on me.

See the rain in left hand side of pic? Yeah, that caught me. Road 6 miles in cold, pouring rain. Rain was like needles. Hit my phone hard enough that it was manipulating screen. Thought it was hailing for a while.

By the time I got to outskirts of Columbia Falls I was drenched and really cold. Stopped in a small tavern to try to warm up a bit.

Big rodeo in town this weekend so I was lucky to get a room. Hot shower felt really good.

Tomorrow is a big day. 62 miles to get over pass at Continental Divide. Wish me luck!

Ride on.

Just Pete

7 thoughts on “Day 12 Eureka to Columbia Falls, MT 64 miles (689 miles total)

  1. You are pedaling right along. I will be thinking about you today as you come to the Continental Divide. You can do it. See you soon.


  2. Just unbelievable your body and mind can do this!! Your commentary is always so good as well!! Thoughts are with you Jeff!


  3. Keep it up. Our friends family have a place in Whitefish. The pictures they share from there are beautiful. Once you’re over the divide it will feel good and it truly is downhill from there (in altitude anyway). Keep on a peddling. See you in Bristol.


  4. Good luck on the pass today, Pete! You are not really alone, as we are all with you in spirit, even if we aren’t actually pedaling!! You’ve got this!!!


  5. OMgosh glad the restaurant opened for you 10 minutes early! How cool that you continue to see the 3 gals on their way to the East Coast! You all are just awesome! We’ve been to the ski area at Whitefish! Beautiful area! My cousin and her husband lived on Flathead Lake for a number of years. There are always creeps on the road that like to make it tough on bicyclists! I think they’re simply jealous that they’re not healthy enough to endure the exercise! 😦 JUST CREEPS! Ride safely and know we’re all cheering you on!


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