Day 14 GMRV Park to Cut Bank, MT 66 Miles (817 total miles)

I finally made it over Marias Pass. It is a bit different from the 4 passes we crossed in WA. More gradual climb and no long descent on the other side. Truthfully, I was a bit disappointed that the Continental Divide wasn’t a bigger deal.

12 miles or so after the pass you roll into East Glacier. Totally different from the much more rugged and forested West Glacier which we passed through yesterday.

East Glacier, MT

The rivers are now flowing the same direction as I’m riding. Water flows downhill so I’ve got that going for me…which is nice.

Bison are really big critters.


This type of geography is what I’ll be seeing for the next 1000 miles or so. Long straight stretches with rolling hills.

Less than 24 hrs ago we were on the other side of those mountains. A bit difficult to comprehend.

We’ll be crisscrossing the Lewis & Clark Trail many times over the next couple weeks. If you’re interested in Lewis & Clark, I would highly recommend reading Undaunted Courage. Great book.

Rolled into Cut Bank mid-afternoon. It was not as easy riding on the plains as I expected. Crosswind most of the afternoon. Felt like it was trying to blow my tires out from under me.

I really have no idea what to expect now. It definitely won’t be as easy as I had hoped/imagined.

There’s only one way to find out and that’s to…

Ride on.

Just Pete

10 thoughts on “Day 14 GMRV Park to Cut Bank, MT 66 Miles (817 total miles)

  1. I think you are going to encounter some very hot weather. You need to be sure you have water. It is very dry here. We are going to the lake on Wed. and come home the 5th. I hope you and Gertie have good days this week. Anxious for you to ride into Bristol. Alice D. fell and broke her hip. Love from Mom and Dad.


  2. Glad you made it over the mountains. Going to be dry on the road ahead so stay hydrated! Can’t wait to get your updates each day! My wife and I read them together.

    Ride Strong!

    Dave and Stephanie Adams


  3. You’ve crossed some beautiful country! Wishing you west winds now! Loving your pictures! Yes those bison are big! They can turn on a dime and are incredibly fast, especially that first quarter mile! Ride safely!!
    Glad you’re ahead of that INCREDIBLY HOT northwestern weather.


  4. I was looking forward to your long, straight rides right along with you Jeff. Perhaps the afternoon wind yesterday was a one time thing 😉.
    Rodger had an interesting question, can you and Gerty “outrun” a bison!!
    You’re doing great and your determination continues to amaze me👏👍.


  5. Dang, how did you miss out on the steep grades in the Rockies.? Those grades on the interstate passes near Missoula, Butte and Bozeman are nothing to sneeze at. The crosswinds when you get further east can be a bear. Some days the flags are straight out horizontal to the ground and blowing from south to north. Ride on and may you find some good tailwinds and downhills to speed you and Gertie along.


  6. Wish I had the time to do another 500 with you and then would have been close enough to Bristol that might as well have gone on to there! South from there in the heat no way!
    Thanks Again, cousin Dennis (DennyP if I had a trail name)


  7. Congratulations on crossing the mountains!
    Great job. We talked about you and your journey yesterday on the golf course. You are in our thoughts!
    Keep up the good work and keep grinding.
    Cheers bro


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