Day 13 Columbia Falls to GWRV Park, MT 62 Miles (751 total miles)

I am tenting at an RV park 7 miles short of the summit of the pass. Normally it would really bother me that I didn’t get over the top today when that was my goal. The logistics of where to stay got a bit complicated so I kind of had to stop short.

Kris gave me a little talk about smelling the roses along the way. Not usually my specialty but there was lots to see today so kind of easy to do.

Had a great breakfast and was on the road by 8:30, heading to Glacier National Park.

Gerty and I were in peak form this morning. We were so locked in that I missed a turn and went 2.5 miles out of way and then had to retrace those miles. Didn’t even phase me!

This was on my 5 “bonus” miles.

We rode up to the West entrance to Glacier and then followed Hwy 2 on the southern edge of the park for 50 miles.

The scenery was so incredible it almost makes me sad to be leaving the mountains. Emphasis on the almost!

It was a pretty steady climb most of the day. Usually not inhumanly steep.

I realized that once I crossed the pass I would have 13 miles to East Glacier. People had told me that rooms are scarce and very expensive if available.

I decided the smart thing to do would be to get as close to summit as I could and cross in AM so I could ride right through East Glacier.

I knew what I was looking for. Small bar/restaurant that would let me pitch my tent in the back.

After 61 miles, I found the perfect spot. Went in the bar and bartender immediately asked if I’d like a water. Was it that obvious?

Chatted with a couple sitting at the bar who were from Fargo and asked bartender if I could pitch my tent in back. No go. They are having a big outdoor party tomorrow and setting up tonight. Bummer!

He told me about RV Park a mile up the road and here we are.

I want to thank everyone for your continuous support. This has been hard enough. It makes it so much more enjoyable knowing that I have a large group of people wishing me nothing but the best and pulling for me every day. I really can’t thank you enough.

I feel really good. Fingers are slightly better. Legs are strong. And Gerty is in great shape. Now let’s just hope for no big headwinds when I get out of mountains.

I think I’m pretty close to being on schedule to make Bristol, SD on July 8. It’s 13 days and a bit over 1,000 miles. I think I can…I think I can!

Ride on.

Just Pete

12 thoughts on “Day 13 Columbia Falls to GWRV Park, MT 62 Miles (751 total miles)

  1. Pete – your ride is inspiring to all of us. And to many of my clients. You are our role-model for “making your goals public” – from that chat many years ago at Mason Street!


  2. Wow! Some beautiful scenery through the mountains. Sounds like you had a great day. Glad to hear you hands a feeling a bit better. Keep up the great work and do smell the roses!!


  3. You are amazing. Victor and I are glad you are feeling better.
    We follow you every day, the pictures are just beautiful.
    Keep pedaling.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Hey Jeff! It is always great to read about your daily adventures on yet another one of your cool journeys! Inspirational, motivational, and fun! Just like you were as my DM! May the wind always feel like it’s on your back, your core and legs always strong, & you’re fueled always with positive energy! And may all of us who are following you with amazement, pride, and fascination be a constant ‘shot’ of encouragement and appreciation! Keep up the awesome inspiration!
    B’Cool! John Williams


  5. What great pictures you posted today. I will be glad when you are through MT. You are amazing and everyone is rooting for you. I hope you are able to ride in on the 8th. I know you can, I know you can! Love from Mom and Dad.


  6. Great pictures! We’re confident you’ll meet your goat of SD by 7/8 and of course NJ by early Sept! You truely are an inspiration. Stay safe!❤️


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