Day 17 Great Falls to Hobson, MT 90 Miles (1023 total miles)

I started pedaling at 7AM and stopped at 7PM. Long day but lots of stops along the way.

Left Great Falls on a nice bike path along the Missouri River.

Pretty serene ride to start the day.

Went through Belt where I had hoped to get to last night. Real nice town down in a valley. One of the more “booming” small MT towns I’ve been through.

Lots more grain crops and hay than the corn/soybeans you typically see around Bristol, SD.

Stopped in Geyser (population 100) and Stanford (pop 250). Both still have K-12 schools. Stanford will have 1 senior this fall. He should put on his resume…graduated Stanford #1 in class.

Struggled to make last 22 miles to Hobson but am super happy that I did. Population of about 500 with one of the best bar/restaurants I have been to…and, trust me, I’ve been to a few.

Hope you can read that. Great steakhouse. I didn’t have one because I had already had breakfast and 3 lunches. I did have a few Buds and some Rocky Mountain Oysters. If you’re not familiar with them, Google it. Probably been 40 years since I’ve had ‘em. Didn’t disappoint.

If you’re ever near Hobson, make sure to check out Tall Boys. Place is large and was packed.

I pitched my tent by the Little League baseball field. Hoping the sprinklers don’t come on during night.

It will be a few degrees warmer tomorrow. Upper 90’s. I’ll try to do what I did today. Stop in a town every 25 miles or so and soak in some AC. I also stop quite frequently alongside the road but just long enough to stretch my legs and drink some water. There are no trees so no shade.

All in all a pretty good day. If I can have 9 more days like this, I’ll make Bristol on time. That’s pretty optimistic but Gerty and I are both pretty optimistic.

Ride on.

Just Pete

8 thoughts on “Day 17 Great Falls to Hobson, MT 90 Miles (1023 total miles)

  1. Pete! Looks like Tall Boys would be worth the visit – thanks for going on all of our behalf!
    Enjoying sharing your story! Ride on.


  2. Pete, you are only 200 miles from my son’s home in Big Sky, MT. Problem is, he is at 8,000 feet. That would be a challenging bike hike. Tom


  3. Sounds like Tall Boys is a great place to visit. Love their rules and trivia.You certainly had a full day and you are smart to stop often to stretch. Just remember to drink. Keep pedaling. See you soon. Love, Mom


  4. Liked the pictures, and you gotta LOVE the rules and trivia piece! That’s one for the ages! Lol Ride safely and try to stay cool and hydrated!


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