Day 16 Conrad to Great Falls, MT 63 Miles (933 total miles)

You know you’re in the right breakfast spot when there are a dozen farmers in there discussing moisture (or lack there of), the heat, and commodity prices. Home Cafe. Jackpot!!

The terrain is really taxing my limited photography skills. It’s kind of the same view for miles and miles and more miles.

I met my first west-bound rider. Rick left Bar Harbor, Maine on 4/30 heading to Anacortes, WA. We had a 10 minute chat alongside the road about what’s ahead for each of us. Since we’re heading in opposite directions, what was easy for him won’t be for me and vice versa.

The major heat wave has officially caught up with me. Mid-90’s in the afternoon.

Here is a sample of road today. I-15 north and south to the left and I-Just Pete on the right. Very little traffic on our road.

I had hoped to make it about 20 miles further than I did today. The heat really drained me in the afternoon. Sun beating down at 95 degrees and then radiating up from pavement. Not good. It’s a plus that everywhere I stop has let me fill water bottles with ice.

The heat is going to get more intense for the next 3-4 days. Really not good.

To make Bristol on 7/8, I’m going to have to average about 80 miles per day. Questioning the possibility of that tonight.

Worst case scenario, I get picked up somewhere short of Bristol and deposited back wherever that is after Reunion. I’ll be trying my hardest but, with this heat wave, it will be difficult.

I’ll keep pedaling and you keep the positive vibes coming. Deal?

Ride on.

Just Pete

16 thoughts on “Day 16 Conrad to Great Falls, MT 63 Miles (933 total miles)

  1. I was thinking of you last night and the heat. I know you’ll take care of yourself but I was thinkin of Gerty and the tires on the hot pavement. Please be careful on the downhills!!
    If you have to get picked up for the reunion so be it. Who knew there’d be massive heat wave crossing the country? Glad you met up w/a west blunder to swap info.
    Stay hydrated!! Stay safe??🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺


  2. Pete,

    Think of having a cold one at the old Hidewaway in Bristol with a big ribeye!! – or entering the 4th quarter playing Havana in BB – get that Gerty going!!!



  3. Jeff, be careful in this heat. You don’t HAVE to ride to Bristol by the 8th.You have a long way to go yet. I know you could do it but the temps. might tell you otherwise. I bet you felt at home listening to the farmers! I am thinking about your tires too. Keep safe, we will get you to Bristol. Love you.


  4. Keep trucking. You have all summer to complete the ride. Goal is to finish in good health. Did you notice how much your new friend was carrying? don


  5. “well, I reckon…” that’s how you should start every sentence when you’re talking to the farm guys out there. To my knowledge, Ag prices have been pretty good during the past year so hopefully your ag buddies were upbeat even though rain may be scarce at this time. They have to be eternal optimists to farm for a living, and they always know where the best breakfast deals are. You stopped at the right spot!!

    Ride on!!


  6. Maybe some of that old cold Dutch raw meat, that we talked about, between you and the saddle😜 would do wonders now. Ask the local farmers. As someone who biked a lot when young I know it is tough. But if anyone can do it, it is you. You are almost at 1000 miles; now that is progress. You will get there.
    Ride on !!!!


  7. You’re doing awesome!! Smart to rethink your timeline with unexpected and potentially dangerous heat. Stay safe 🙏🏻

    Jim and Jodi


  8. So nice that everyone is letting you fill your bottles with ice! Keep super hydrated and the heat wave will be over in no time! Sending so many good vibes to you and Gertie!


  9. You know our thoughts and positive vibes are with you daily.
    Hope you & Gerty can get going at first light and get some miles behind you before the heat becomes oppressive.
    We are with you in spirit. 💕🙏🏼🚴🏼‍♂️


  10. Darn that heat!! Just don’t overdo. It’s ok to get a ride and then back track. Happy you met another cyclist on the road! Pictures are still great! Ride safely.


  11. Enjoying following your ride. We live in Aberdeen SD.
    Let me know if you need any help when your in the area.
    Pedal on .. May the wind always be at your back…


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