Day 19 Mosby to Jordan, MT 52 Miles (1180 total miles)

Today was kind of semi-OK. Definitely better than yesterday…minus 50 miles.

I was probably on the verge of heat exhaustion yesterday. Hopefully I remember the lessons learned. Thanks to all for your concern and advice. Pickle juice was a big winner!

My legs were still a bit tired today. I was not anxious to start peddling this AM.

Didn’t take many pictures because everything kind of looks the same and I was totally grinding to make Jordan. Head down and follow the white line.

On the East coast “farms” are measured in acres. Midwest by quarters (160 acres). In MT it’s by sections (640 acres). BIG ranches. 10 sections or more. They’ve been struggling with lack of moisture even before this ridiculous heat. Causing many ranchers to have to sell their cattle because they can’t feed them.

I’ve noticed “Save the Cowboy” signs since Lewistown. Finally asked what that was about. Out of state billionaires buying up ranches to turn back the clock and free range buffalo. Sounds nice, until you hear how it affects the locals. Buffalo spread disease to cattle plus rich people glamping (glamorous camping) don’t spend money in the small towns.

I made it to Jordan about 3PM and rented a room at these fancy digs! Living large. Definitely not glamping!!

After a short nap and an interview with the Aberdeen American News, I headed up to the local saloon. Jordan’s population is about 250 so it wasn’t hard to figure out where to go. Place with the most pick-up trucks.

At Rancher’s bar I met Steve (and a few other interesting characters). Within 5 minutes Steve asked me if I was on a bike. He had seen me stopped along the road. Said I looked like crap and wasn’t sure if I needed help. He was running late so didn’t stop to check on me but did think about it for a minute.

Of course, I made him feel a little guilty. Had a great steak and several free Buds from the locals. Really good time and fun conversations.

I’m hoping that a rather short day serves me well tomorrow. Temps will still be close to, or above, 100 again. Always thought I could handle heat…until yesterday.

I’ll do what I can.

Ride on.

Just Pete

4 thoughts on “Day 19 Mosby to Jordan, MT 52 Miles (1180 total miles)

  1. Glad you didn’t push too hard yesterday. I know pickle juice is good for cramping. I have used it. I should have thought about it. Stop often and stay hydrated. See you soon.Love, mom.


  2. Had me worried with your post the day before. Sounds like you have that better thought thru with those ridiculous temps. Those muscle cramps can be excruciating. Suffered with foot cramps for years and finally found something that has done wonders for me. If they keep up, stop at a CVS and pick up Theraworx. It is magnesium sulfate. Works in a short time or can even be used in advance to help prevent cramps. Keep on riding!!


  3. It sounds like you’ve somewhat recovered. Gail said Kris is already in Bristol. Any thoughts on having her come pick you up when you get “close” do you can be there for the reunion and Scott’s 🎉, then returning you and Gerty to your bike route??
    Ride on 👍👏🚴


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