Day 20 Jordan to Circle, MT 67 Miles (1247 total miles)

Heat. Headwind. Hills. Just another great day on a bike in Montana.

Saw this deer leaving Jordan this AM. Should have been counting how many I’ve seen in 20 days. Guessing 40-50.

The first stretch of the day was 35 miles to a rest stop. I carry 2 liters of water and, in the heat, that’s stretching as far as I can go so I picked up an extra liter. Had frozen my 2 water bottles the night before so hoping they would stay cold.

Am I getting close to the Badlands? That would be great but this was just a small, isolated Kinda’ Badlands.

The ride to the rest stop was into the wind part of the time crosswinds the rest. Is it to much to ask for 1 day of tailwind? Oh yeah, a couple days in the 80’s vs 100’s would be nice too.

It took me nearly 4 hours to reach the rest stop. Headwinds really slow progress.

I was expecting to see a vending machine where I could get some cold water for the last 32 miles. No such luck. They did have a water fountain with warm water though…and air conditioning.

I must really look like a mess after I’ve been riding a while. As I sat on a bench inside, nearly everyone who came in asked how I was doing. People gave me ice cold water, Powerade, apple sauce, and someone even left trail mix on my bike parked outside. Females were really concerned. It was like I had a half dozen mothers there. Quite amazing. That really boosted my morale.

More of the same on the final 32 miles. Hills. Directly into a 10-15 mile wind. And the heat was really cooking now.

I was pretty much drained as I got close to Circle. Not as bad as the other day but I was starting to not feel good. That’s when I was saved by a Trail Angel, Denzel.

Circle was the opposite direction from where he was headed but he saw me alongside the road. Again, I must have looked pitiful because he offered me a ride the final few miles into town. I quickly accepted.

I felt a little guilty about that for about 10 seconds. Better to accept the ride than get heat exhaustion.

Denzel is a Navy vet who drives vehicles to different drop points across country. He is driving a large van to Kalispell, MT now. Real nice guy who saved me from lots of misery.

Tomorrow is still hot but rumor has it that the wind will be behind me…for once. I’ll believe it when I see it.

Ride on.

Just Pete

8 thoughts on “Day 20 Jordan to Circle, MT 67 Miles (1247 total miles)

  1. It was good to hear your voice yesterday. It is going to be hot here again, a possible 100. We aren’t riding a bike though. I pray you get the wind behind you today. What a trail angel Kevin was. You can’t feel guilty about accepting a ride as you need to think of your health. Wecare hoping for a good day today. See you soon. Love, Mom


  2. Wise choice brave man!! … and thank you for sharing highlights of your amazing journey with us. Stay safe. Praying for you.


  3. Happy 4th Jeff!! Keep up the good work, take care of yourself and take that ride to Bristol. We are thinking about you and know you’ll make it!! xo mary and Bill


  4. Kindness will also prevail in America. Thank you Denzel for you kind gesture to our friend Jeff. Journey on and as always stay safe. Take a day and enjoy Independence Day.


  5. Grateful for Denzel 💗 Joining Alice Jean in her prayer that the wind is behind you today 🙏🏻
    As always, thank you for sharing your journey and stay safe!
    Jim and Jodi


  6. “May the road rise up to meet you
    May the wind be ever at your back
    and until we meet again…”

    ride on!


  7. I’m worried about you but I’m trusting you are safe and will arrive back home to the Plantation one of these days. It’s so fun to follow you. Be safe. 🇺🇸 It’s the 4th of July ❤️🤍💙


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