Day 21 Circle to Wibaux, MT 78 Miles (1325 total miles)

I didn’t sleep well last night thinking about the miles I missed with Denzel’s ride. Went over to the local Cenex and got a ride back about 3 miles. Wasn’t sure where exact spot Denzel picked me up but close enough to make me feel good. Slack packed that and then had breakfast.

Gerty crushed the 47 miles to Glendive. 3 hrs 20 minutes. That’s booking. Was in Glendive, where I had expected to spend the night shortly after 11!

Along the way I saw these wooden things with green stuff on them. Hadn’t seen them since East Glacier. I think they called them trees.

I have met or passed quite a few cyclists. They are all carrying lots of stuff. Almost all have bags on front wheel as well. I can’t figure out what they could be carrying. If there’s one thing I learned from hiking it’s that…if you’re not using it, get rid of it. The weight on a bike doesn’t make as much difference as when you’re carrying it on your back but holy crap. I carry half as much as most people.

I left Glendive about 12:30 by then the heat was cooking.

Leaving Glendive, we got on I-94. LOVE riding on interstate. Wide shoulders, hills are more gradual. Plus I’d rather have traffic moving at 80 mph 15 feet away than at 60 5 feet away.

The last 25 miles to Wibaux was really hot. Somebody told me 107. All I know is that I left Glendive with ice water and in a half hour it was very warm.

Another benefit of interstate…shade.

Made it to Wibaux shortly after 3. Had a tailwind for most of PM so that helped. Very tired so that was enough for today.

Wibaux is having their All School reunion this weekend so there was lots happening in town. Wibaux’s wobble but they don’t fall down!

Started having problems with my phone today. Not charging well. Usually can get a full charge inside an hour. Now 10% in 6 hours. Big problem. Any suggestions? Pretty sure it’s phone and not charger. Hoping there’s a Verizon store in Bismarck. Should be there Monday. If you don’t hear from me for a couple days, that’s why.

8 more miles of MT. Whoohoo!

Ride on.

Just Pete

11 thoughts on “Day 21 Circle to Wibaux, MT 78 Miles (1325 total miles)

  1. Pete, I hope you’ll get invited today to a 4th of July party with free cold ones and burgers! Be safe!!


  2. If you put your phone on airplane mode when not actively using it that should help extend battery life! Happy 4th of July!


  3. You are doing an awesome job! SO glad you’ll be back amongst trees!!! Interstate riding is great. But I always hated when one huge RV was passing another one as they came by us. Never too sure of those drivers in unfamiliar terrain. Hoping this horribly hot weather subsides SOON for you. Please stay hydrated and ride on—safely.


  4. Pete, I agree with replacement of the cable. Often times it’s the source of a sudden charging issue. Least expensive option to diagnosis. Also, airplane will reduce battery consumption to your can resolve your issue. Ride on… Stay safe!


  5. This heat is brutal. Take a day off Jeff. Find a body of water, lake or pool, relax, rest and rehydrate. Your health is the main priority. May find in the end it will revitalize your spirit and drive. Jus say’n. Your phone with thank you:)


  6. Good luck with the phone issue! I’d hate to miss one moment of your commentary 🚴🚴. I also hope someone invites you to their 4th celebration 👍.
    Ride on safely.


  7. I will say it again, don’t be so hard on yourself! Those couple of miles “lost” when you hitched a ride are nothing! Be proud of yourself for the 1300 something miles you have done!
    Ride on!


  8. You certainly did NOT need to make up those miles, but I know you. Happy 4th. We had a float in the boat parade–“Lake Hair, Don’t Care” All the kids had funny wigs on. It is hot here again. I bet you could have jumped for joy when you got out of MT and entered ND!! Ride smartly and safely. See you soon. Love you, MOM


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