Day 31 Milbank to Starbuck, MN 76 miles (1876 total miles)

Lots of road construction my last 11 miles of SD. Rough shoulder. Came to a spot where they had a pilot car for 1.5 miles. Told flagger that I would ride as fast as I could.

I can go pretty fast but not 40 mph. Pilot car turned around and was bringing cars back towards me on the one open lane. I just moved to left shoulder. A bit rude in my opinion but I guess, if I had to wait in a car for some idiot on a bike to get past, I may have become a bit impatient.

I survived and made it to MN. Loved my time in SD but have to move on into state number 6.

I had to adjust my intended route from Ortonville, MN. Had planned to stay on Hwy 12 to Benson but road was closed to through traffic for 26 miles. Randy had warned me about that last night. I took Hwy 75 north for 19 miles. Not the direction I’m supposed to be going but…I did get to go through Graceville, the birthplace of former MN Twins manager, Tom Kelly.

The corn through this area looks pretty good to me. It’s tall anyway.

At Morris I stopped at my 3rd Verizon store in the last 24 hours. All closed Monday and Tuesday for “training”. What??

Stopped for lunch at McD’s and there was a Verizon store across parking lot. I just assumed it was also closed. As I was leaving, I planned to take a picture of Closed for Training sign. Lo and behold, it was open.

I got exceptional service from Nikki and Alexis. New phone (and camera) up and running!! Oh, happy day.

The corn is starting to tassel. It’s important, in my professional agronomist opinion, that it gets some rain at that time. I’d go into the details but I really have no clue. Someone just told me that.

Complaint of the day. Hey, MN, what’s up with these shoulders?

It was like this pretty much all day. What do you do? Ride on gravel? Slow and bumpy. Ride on 1-3 feet of pavement on shoulder? Hard to do because gravel is 3” lower than pavement and white line is a rumble strip. Ride in traffic lane? A bit sketchy.

I pretty much rode the lane until I’d hear vehicles coming up from behind and then rumbled over to “shoulder”. Took lots of concentration. Good example of why nothing in my ears (music, etc.).

I wanted to get pretty far today as there’s a good chance for rain tomorrow.

8 miles before Starbuck there’s a car alongside the road. It’s Mary (Cramer) Ronning, a high school classmate. She knew I was heading to Starbuck and wanted me to stay at their house in Alexandria tonight. Sounded good to me!

Mary will give me a ride back to Starbuck in the morning. If I drank coffee, I’d definitely get some of their famous mocha latte.

Planning a short (35 or so miles) ride to Sauk Center tomorrow. Rain possible and Gerty is past due for a check up.

One last thing…if strong thighs are a key to good golf, all of you boys from The Plantation should just send me $100. I’ll be a +4 in 8 rounds. You might as well just pay in advance!!!

Ride on.

Just Pete

11 thoughts on “Day 31 Milbank to Starbuck, MN 76 miles (1876 total miles)

  1. Strong thighs are good for driving, but not for putting. I will hold on to my money for now.😀
    Safe travels!!


  2. I don’t think you enjoyed your ride yesterday, but the good part was getting your phone fixed. Happy Day!! I am sure you enjoyed your visit with Mary and Barry, such a great couple. It is cloudy here this am, rain possible. Stay safe . Love you, Mom.


  3. Oh my gosh! Road construction and bad shoulders! So glad Mary met you and you were able to spend the night with them. Wishing you better roads and tailwinds. Ride on and be safe. You are awesome!


  4. check for $100 is in the mail….. Delirious thigh/golf logic? Does Bryson De Chambeau work out by riding a Peloton?
    Gerty for cart path only days!!!!!

    Ride on!!


  5. Happy you were finally able to find an open Verizon store. Curious if your wearing a Fitbit or something other then your phone? I just started with a Fitbit and it seems to blow away the phone as far as accuracy. Must have been a bit nerve racking on that stretch of road under construction. Glad you were able to navigate safely, especially where there was the rumble strip, no shoulder, and 3” drop. I can relate. On my walk this morning I came across a similar situation where there was no shoulder & no rumble strip plus the 3” drop for at least 25’. Whew that was crazy🤣😂🤣

    Stay safe and peddle on 🤘🏻🚴🏻‍♂️🍺


  6. Gerty deserves a rest day too!!! Glad you are back in the reliable iCloud world again😉. I’d be cautious about getting into cars that are stopped on the side of the road Jeff! Even if they feed you well 😆.


  7. Glad to hear you resolved the phone issue! Btw, not all of MN has shoulders like that…there are actually a lot of bike lanes.


  8. I drove the Bristol to Ortonville stretch Sunday but not by human-powered vehicle!
    Glad you got through those dicey roads OK and got your phone sorted out, to boot.
    So great to see you in Bristol, old friend…
    Safe travels!
    P.S. I think we went to the same agronomy school.


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